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  1. This smoke is starting to kill me, please make it go away. Working outside doesnt help but i have no choice. 

    1. Cerridwen


      When you're breathing in the ash that was floating in the air in Quesnel today and getting it in your eyes......yep, enough is enough. After 2 1/2 months of smoke and then days of ash 'snowing' all over......let it REALLY snow, let it REALLY snow, ♫ ♪ ♫  LET IT REALLY SNOW ♫ ♪ ♫ SOON!!

    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      better talk to stealth. he is the only one with the power to keep the smoke out of your eyes. 

    3. Alflives


      Really love the Interior, but smoke in the summer from forest fires, and then smoke in the winter from peoples' wood burning stoves makes a place that's beautiful, not so nice.  

  2. cause its moronic. also would cripple the world economy at this point.
  3. Rupert stop responding to him, all he does is S**t post and troll. thats why he posts it to get everyone angry.
  4. Legally they cant deny people at the border. Even the illegal crossers but they can find stuff like this afterwords and deport them back to their original country. It seems most of u dont understand how the law works. Most of these people will probably be deported. They arnt true refugees anyways
  5. ITS NOT EVEN REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thats fake, im not sure if u noticed it says 1944 and its also more than 120 letters.
  7. Wow. I'm speechless. The man has dug himself a hole deeper than earth at this point.
  8. BLM protests are about the oppression for the past 200 plus years on people of colour. What happened over the weekend is a bunch of nazis spewing hate speech about deporting or killing people that are different from them. Comparing the two is stupid, You will just say oh but there both violent and id agree but both have very different messages. White supremacists are trash.
  9. That rumour started on 4chan. The cesspool of the internet.
  10. The terrorist and his vehicle have been caught. He's in jail now. Hope he gets the book thrown at him.
  11. well i wish i could see anything through this dang smoke. but its probably going to be here till sunday and then clouds. so bleh.
  12. Shiny objects and nothing.
  13. cool. well i usually read npr, bbc, cbc, and some forums for my news. Id agree on most of the stuff ur saying but dumping millenials all under one blanket really angers me. I also usually switch between CTV, GLOBAL and CBC during the news hour just to get around the annoying fluff garbage stories. If your still going to Yahoo or MSN your old. im pretty sure the average age of their users is 195 years old. CNN is a ratings based "news" organization.