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  1. this is moronic. Documents dating back to the 1970s from even Exxon show CO2 has an influence on the climate, the more you pump out the hotter itll get. I dunno what world you live on but weve had records after records smashed over the past 20 years. To think all 7 billion of us, plus the 30-50 billion farm animals, plus the 1 billion cars and just the ships, planes, machines and plants putting out all the CO2 and methane into the air sure are creating issues.
  2. what are you talking about?
  3. i wish there was an ignore button on this site.
  4. maybe cause it was a cesspool of garbage?
  5. Congress nearly took the usa into default over petty garbage a few years ago but it wont happen, If the USA goes so does the rest of the world. Its all obama's fault for the huge debt right? He was given probably the 2nd worst recession in history and it usually takes about 10 years to get out of that hole but i think were nearing the end of it. I wonder some days what great paradise we would exist in if your version of the world was in power since 2008. oh wait, we would probably be worse off. Anyone hear Russia is decreasing its military spending by 25% next year, lmao they must really be broke.
  6. Holy Jeebus do you love posting garbage unrelated stories. This thread is about trump. I know you love ur looney toons in the am but please let's talk about his wonderful budget. It won't pass congress cause its a joke kind of like that health bill. But what do I know I'm a dumb liberal.
  7. this thread is a cesspool at this point, i dont know why it still exists, its all a giant circle jerk over garbage spewed from everywhere. all this is, is deflections away from the real stories. Someone here will say, OH BUT THE MSM IS BLAH BLAH BLAH, i really don't care, it a ratings driven medium now and has been since the 80s, best way to get people to watch is to have stories like today and guess what, you mouth breathers all talk about it endlessly.
  8. u should go over to HF boards, ud have an heart attack there.
  9. Park board sure loves to do these. Can they either do it or just shut up about it. its getting old.
  10. http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/tsn-1040-longtime-radio-home-of-canucks-lose-broadcast-rights-to-rogers TSN 1040, the longtime radio home of the Vancouver Canucks, has lost its broadcast contract with the team to Rogers Media. The news came in the form of a Twitter post on TSN Radio Vancouver’s official account. “Thank you @Canucks for 11 great seasons of hockey on #TSN1040,” it read. Pretty crazy news. Kind of glad, TSN 1040 was getting stale. they need to clean up there. Hopefully a new Play by play announcer also
  11. Rumor around that bell has lost the radio rights to the canucks and that rogers has it now. wonder if its true and wonder where it would go?

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    2. Squamfan


      so rodger starts tomorrow?

    3. VanGnome


      Probably for next season

    4. LordCanuck


      next season, lol

  12. Im not sure if u understand how it works there but farmers have set prices that the grocery stores/ middlemen pretty much set for them. they cant pay pickers more due to this reason and alot probably would if they didnt go bankrupt in the process. Its all because we can have 1.99 a head lettuce, when in true facts that lettuce head is worth 5 - 6 dollars each. If you like the idea of produce going up in price because 50% of it comes from california to BC. More canned good for us all then?
  13. so where would u put everyone then?
  14. wonder what fluff the Russians are leaking this time? maybe get all those wikileak fans frothing at the mouth over nothing like half the stuff last year.