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  1. I think most of the problem stems from Green using zone structure as opposed to man to man. That and the zone being overly passive. If we played man to man our players would focus on their check instead of going to a spot. Everything has it's pro's and con's but man to man usually gets rid of the guy open in the slot scenarios.
  2. Dont forget myers joined the vaunted coaching trifecta that currently run the canucks bench... kinda hard to blame our defense for the offensive blackhole the canucks backend has been.
  3. We dont need to recoup a first for miller... miller was a first round pick... And if you trade boeser for a first... its a wash already because boeser was a first... you recoup nothing...
  4. I would say the biggest testament to our drafting success is not so much comparable to drafting players like Crosby/Malkin Kane/Toews but good decent NHL players in a broader term, drafting even in the first round can be hit or miss and landing NHL players each round is their hallmark of success... I mean if you can add an impact NHL player every other year you draft that is outstanding! How many teams first round players make the NHL their first year? And make an impact? Not very often imho... Boeser Petterson Hughes And while there has been some misses DeNiro is right his pro scouting has been pretty impressive as well although Miller really turns it around 360 degrees... And the flip side to not drafting a Crosby type player? We aren't going to have to pay our guys 12 Million in year 4... We have a shot to build a real team long term. Well maybe... if Pettersson and Hughes especially gets any better lol We might be in trouble
  5. Wouldnt call the Canucks defense deep per say, we have an ok top 4 but beyond that... that being said i think one of our rookies from the ahl should be able to do what stetcher is doing... so go for it
  6. We need to hold the course, we have defense men developing in the minors, and i think people are over valuing stetcher...
  7. No to trading gaudette. Stetcher is just a placeholder until we develop a real defenseman which should be soon... so go ahead and trade for a bag of pucks. Or walk away... whatever works.
  8. I dunno... kinda like ericksson... 20/30 goal scorer and looks to be falling off a cliff production wise.... should scare most of us away after watching ericksson the last few years... But pearson turned it around coming here... I'd rather not myself unless its to get out of erickssons contract somehow without giving up much... Also doubt there is much pressure for nj to take on bad contracts to get rid of an ufa
  9. I don't know barrie well enough to really comment on the trade, great number on the offensive side... I would have to say that if you look at how hughes passing and skating has absolutely turned our transition game around 360 degrees... if you could get that on our second unit as well... i would say the premise of the trade is very enticing.
  10. Maybe I missed something... 2 Vezina trophies and you're throwing shade on his resume?
  11. Well in my books if your going to have a bottom pairing that has zero offense, (benn fantenberg stetcher even tanev for that matter), they might as well be physically punishing and intimidating to play against.
  12. You forgot that Miller was a first round pick I think this point is missed by a lot of the people complaining (don't mean you)