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  1. Your 2011 memories

    Burrows goal was great. Bieskas goals was hilarious because nobody knew where the puck was until it was in the net... I recall the San Jose series on the radio and the canucks scary power play with salo and erhoff. I guess I'll share my worst memory as well was the realisation we has nothing against Boston's forecheck... just chip it up the ice for a turnover... felt like it was just a matter of time and it was... was a terrible feeling.
  2. (Proposal) Van - Bos

    Seems a lot to give up for a guy projected to be a Keith Yandle type of player...
  3. (Discussion) Draft Pick and Rankings

    And so will Stetcher, who's nickname will most likely become Stretcher... I joke, I hope not I love Stetcher's moxy with the puck , but the writing is on the wall, he is too small
  4. Gudbranson vs Tryamkin (Discussion)

    Was my one issue with drafting Joulevi... Sergachev might have been that comrade for Tryamkin, would have been a dynamite pairing.
  5. Gudbranson vs Tryamkin (Discussion)

    I'd sign both.
  6. Domi (Value/ Discussion)

    Interesting thought about domi... not much scoring punch so far tho. But I haven't seen him play at all. Arizona is interesting for other reasons... if they are considering shaking things up and oel is unhappy maybe we should be targeting him? He isn't your prototypical number 1 guy but we don't have a puck mover like him. If you think we are close to competing an offensive d man in his prime is something we are lacking
  7. [Proposal] Van-Wash

    Maybe if it was gaunce and Hutton... maybe
  8. (Proposals) Multiple Moves for the Future

    Gudbranson has no value being an UFA next year. Unless we get him signed first. Your really think granlund is going to land that treasure trove out of Tampa bay? Crazy trade... no way Tampa would part with all that for granlund. We're talking about granlund here... granlund.
  9. (Proposal) Hyman for Gudbranson

    Yeah I'm just kinda reading between the lines so to speak. I get the feeling gudbranson is going to walk when he hits free agency. There's always a lot of talk from both sides when it comes to contracts and usually the truth is somewhere in between.
  10. (Proposal) Hyman for Gudbranson

    Yeah I get all that... But from gudbransons perspective we traded for him we have a good scouting team and benning is a good evaluator of talent... Pretty sure gudbransons camp feels we knew what we were getting... this can't be a show me contract.
  11. (Proposal) Hyman for Gudbranson

    Tough call... seems like gudbranson wasn't willing to sign with term for whatever reason and that's a huge red flag for me but otherwise I'd rather keep gudbranson. Unless we can trade him for a sweet return.
  12. [Discussion] Adam Lowry RFA

    He sounds valuable... can't see why Winnipeg would let him walk. But otherwise sure sounds good... can we trade gaunce for him?
  13. [Proposal] Canucks - Penguins

    That's and awful lot to give up for Edler. Considering thenpenguins gave up their first last year they would be going for a 2nd mortgage on their future with that trade
  14. [Proposals] Three Trade Ideas

    I like virtanen. Sounds like the to proposal is for spare parts although kormarov is a decent grinder. Greiss has been a decent goalie for the islanders if I recall... they are giving up a lot for an upgrade? in net... dunno