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  1. The New NHL ( A Draft Discussion)

    I think the biggest issue the Canucks have with size is that our middle weight forwards cannot skate... you can be effective if you outrace players to pucks and elude checks. Our guys get caught and neutralized way to easily for my taste... baerschti is a good example of a mid sized skill guy who is pretty useless when he HAS the puck. He can sneak in and use his good shot but cannot play the board game or carry the puck very well. Gotta be able to skate....
  2. The New NHL ( A Draft Discussion)

    I agree with the need for size so long as they can still skate and contribute something on the offensive or physical side of play. You lost me at Gaunce being of the ilk Stanley cup winners are made of... guy is a decent enough checker but cant win draws, cant hit, can't shoot, can't pass, how does he help us win a cup? He literally almost brings nothing to the table.
  3. Proposal (TRADE) VAN-CAR

    That is quite the over payment.
  4. [Discussion] Tanev to Philadelphia

    How would you talk about your assets? Not really disagreeing with you but most GM's are not speaking the truth when they are talking about their teams assets potential and ability. Same goes for players talking about contracts... you never hear the real truth
  5. [Proposal] Bringing Home the BC Boy

    If buffalo wants to flush reinhart it's to a contender who doesn't need the 2 2nd rounders at the moment. Its counter productive to trade Lind and a second in our position unless it's for a sure fire upgrade which reinhart is not. As for trading Baer for a pick or as a package to upgrade I'm having no issues with that concept.
  6. My rebuild (trust the process)

    Well at least this proposal doesn't include signing Kane... I like Granlund as a third liner, PK, move up the roster kinda guy If you want bigger bodies, they have to be able to skate and contribute either defensively or offensively Stastny has been regressing for years, IK would pass. But I doubt Winnipeg gives up on Stastny as he has fit in pretty well... who knows he is pricey Carlson is a nice thought... we are missing an offensive Dman badly... Gamble is that he plays on a great line... Hard call...
  7. The myth about Veteran leadership (Discussion)

    A veteran in the minors does not equate to a successful NHL player. It's hard to take advice and direction from someone who cannot actually accomplish what he is saying... Just saying
  8. I think it would be great to sign tavares as we need a number one center. Thing I will point out is pettersson smashed all those records playing wing... maybe he is a great winger. That would give us tavares between boeser and pettersson and horvat as our number two. That's great depth up front.
  9. Granlund is not my favorite player by any stretch... But you have to admit he can burn other teams when he is on the PK. A defensive bottom six guy who can force turnover and ACTUALLY score when he takes it the other way. He is at least valuable for that reason. And should be able to fill in on the top six if needed... more than you can say for the rest of our bottom six guys.
  10. (Proposal) Go big on UFA...or not at all!

    I don't mind the idea... a number one center is what we are lacking. He dream of a Tavares would flesh out our top 6 nicely as our prospects fill out. Tavares has been mentioned as a player who influenced those around him. Might be a great mentor. I doubt he would sign here tho... unless he want to play with boeser? The idea of a number 1 offensive defenseman is another desperate need the Canucks have and would speed up the rebuild as well. My only concern would be the cost.... I doubt any of the tankers can be talked out of their own fantasy of 5 top 3 picks in a row anyways np matter what you might say.
  11. Popular Cash Dump names and Values (Discussion)

    All I said was maybe spend cap space on good players instead of crappy players with bad contracts... But you read so much more into it...
  12. Popular Cash Dump names and Values (Discussion)

    So all these teams took on crappy contracts to get these extra picks? Like who? Well your basically saying we should trade for more Loui Erickson's as long as we get a prospect in the deal.... What does that say to our prospects trying to make the team? Your right about all the rebuilding issues we have, I just disagree with buying crappy players in the process. You guys can spin the wording all you want to suit your outlook, but I think there are moves to be made that give you prospects and draft picks without bad contracts.
  13. Popular Cash Dump names and Values (Discussion)

    Well here's an idea, why don't we use the cap space to sign a GOOD player... How is it not tanking? This concept is about taking on a crappy player with a fat contract, like the crappy player is going to improve your position in the standings?
  14. Popular Cash Dump names and Values (Discussion)

    I wouldn't take any of these long term contracts... I doubt any team would give up much to get rid of a short term contract. Plus doing these things will send the wrong message to our team... you have no chance to win... there's no point in us even trying... let's give up for a year or two or FIVE???... so we will sacrifice our cap space for a free prospect. tanking is tanking... despicable
  15. Van - Ott (proposal/discussion)

    Taking on a loser contract is tantamount to tanking. No thanks. Besides we are already stuck with a loser contract, but at least we didn't do it on purpose.
  16. Team Review and Suggested Moves (Discussion)

    Character speculation aside Kane is too up and down points wise to offer him a retirement contract, I think Virtanen can fill his role if he starts hitting the net. I'm ok with trading Baer and Tanev so long as we are upgrading on defense... Green is too old imho... By the time we arc upwards again. Carlson would be a gamble to produce at the same level coming from a talented Washington team to a poor Vancouver team and why would he want to??? That being said... Carlson racking up 50-60 points for our team would be a revelation, we have no star on the back end so it's a need to fill at least in the short term. Truly what the team needs in the short term and long term is a #1 Center. Short term we have nothing... Can Pettersson develop into one??? Everyone has made the assumption he can. So do we wait with Horvat for now as our #1? Who is our #2? Gagner? Granlund? Sutter? Pettersson? A lot of question marks. If there was a time to reach into the UFA pool it would be for a #1 Defenseman and or a #1 Center but that is a bidding war as everyone wants the same thing.
  17. "Tank" is a method, not a wish (Discussion)

    I there has been certain times teams have tanked to get a guy like a Crosby but it's only a few teams swirling the drain that are able to try to pull off that sort of true tank. Most of the time teams trading vets are simply "folding" their hand so to speak when they realise the team they built isn't going to contend going forward so they hit the reset button. People assume teams might be tanking when there team just sucks plain and simple and free fall after trading away some support players. Kinda like when we made our moves. Anyways theres no longer a guarantee for the number one pick so the idea of a tank is moot.
  18. In a defence Heavy Draft (proposals)

    I think if you can land a 1st round pick for Tanev you take it and run... Not that Tanev is a bad player or not worth more... We are desperate! Trading an undrafted asset for a shot at a top player makes too much sense when you consider where we are in our current arc. As for loading up on defensemen it's not a bad idea BUT if you have the chance to draft a true #1 center with that second 1st rounder we HAVE to draft him. We need a #1 center as much as we need a #1 defenseman. People might say Petterson is a center but will he be able to win draws in the NHL?
  19. [Discussion] Tyler Bozak

    I think our hole is a number one center in front of Horvat... Henrik is no longer a number one guy either so it's moot if he stays or not. I find it hard to see a skinny swede as good as he looks offensively in the SHL will do the job on the dot in the NHL against NHL centers. Not that I think it's possible to sign a number one center via UFA but it would change our outlook overnight.... And we could focus on the backend. Boeser #1Center Petterson Leipsec? Horvat Virtanen? Granlund Sutter Eriksson Archibald Dowd Motte Not that I think this lineup could play tomorrow, Virtanen would have to break out and Pettersson would have to step right into the NHL as a rookie but I think he might. I'm trading Baertshic and Gagner in this scenario... You can mix and match wingers for Horvat based on your opinions. Not a fan of Gagner, Baer im on the fence on. But I doubt Bozak is the guy we need... I don't know what the answer to our #1 center is to be honest... if only the draft went differently last year. sigh PLD...
  20. A Bad Restaurant

    Sounds good so long as I get free beer.
  21. Proposal -ufa

    I would be ok with JVR but he might be looking to cash in this contract and we don't need a huge ticket just yet. That being said we talk about mentoring and letting our players develop... having JVR around does give us a player that can actually score and show young players how....
  22. Not sure we are ready for a Karlsson. That package of assets would be better served getting us 2 or 3 solid upgrades if you want to go that route. All for trading baertschi and granlund tho goldobin maybe but he may pan out yet With his skills. Not sure the Sedins have enough foot speed to play their passing game anymore. Trade for a goalie? With Demko and DiPietro we are looking good. I would play it cool. Ifbthe sedins will sign for cheap and play less and in and out of the lineup maybe they can stay as play coaches. Keep drafting well and trade from a better position when we have developed too many prospects... by then it might be time to trade for a Karlsson.
  23. Van..Lucic(Proposal / Discussion)

    Lucic just scored his first goal in 29 games... I don't think Louie is that bad is he? Lol
  24. (Proposal) Trade Expendables for D Prospects

    I agree with you. Several players might garner us a top 4 d man The addition of Leipsic and motte force the issue as you suggest if the sedins re up. Baertschi. Too slow. Too weak on the boards. Granlund. Kinda a inbetweener... useful but not outstanding in a particular area. Keep for the PK? Gagner. Fast but ineffective otherwise. Hutton. Like granlund... just not outstanding at anything except maybe dangling with the puck. Stetcher... yes he has a LOT of most with the puck bit if he is the piece that lands upgrades the backend we need to look at it. Stetcher is simply too small and surprisingly slow for a little guy... I would also agree with you about upgrading our D being the priority... if we can land a top 4 guy somehow this would accelerate the rebuild a lot.