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  1. [Discussion] (poll) James vs Jay

    Dont know much about beagles leadership but a speedy face off guy with Stanley cup winning experience cant be a bad thing...
  2. [Rumour] Colton Parayko to Leafs

    Maybe the leafs are looking to move AM now that they have landed JT... wouldn't surprise me after the rumors of a rift between AM and coaching staff are true. If... CP would be a good starting point for a package for AM... That said if CP is in play we should get in on it.
  3. [Proposal] VAN-NYI

    It would be worth a shot if we can get him for nothing... like maybe for gaunce? Another first rounder who has not found his game. Maybe a way for us to get rid of Erickson or Gagne... that would be even better I would not waste a 2 round pick on him considering where we might finish next year...
  4. [Proposal] Winnipeg - Van

    Yeah I'll pass... you would think this was proposed by a Winnipeg fan... let's trade our disgruntled over money defenseman for a blue chip prospect and a solid #3 center man
  5. What is the value of Buying bad Cap (discussion)

    Never worth it. Should just allow for contracts to have performance clauses in them to void them. All this malarkey is just circumventing the cap essentially for teams signing bad contracts.
  6. Do we give Bo the "C"? POLL

    Without knowing what goes on behind closed doors we do not see who is doing the talking in the dressing room etc etc. We may or may not think a player is a good captain by his play on the ice... impossible for us fans to have he proper insight. That being said I would choose horvat by his hard work on the ice and i assume off the ice as a great example to his teammates of what you need to do to prepare for games.
  7. Most teams looking at a nosedive will not be looking to trade their picks away...
  8. [Report] Luca Sbisa to test free agency

    Yeah no.
  9. [Proposal] Proposal

    I would not want Kadri on my team.
  10. [Proposal] Erik Karlsson

    The only faint hope of this trade is the rumor of Benning going after subban... if he is after a number one defenseman that badly... I'm not a huge fan of Erik tho but that's just me.
  11. Proposal - Draft Day moving forward

    If we are going to dream about tempting Tavares to sign in Vancouver we get him and Carlson together in the same room and show them the money. We have some talented wingers in Boeser and Petterson plus Horvat as a solid #2 center. If we get Tryamkin back after next year Edler Tanev and Carlson make a solid top 4 You could make a case for a solid team going forward... with the right supporting cast.
  12. They say I have always looked at it... it's about who you can put on the ice during the critical moments of a game. So I say you you need both or more accurately you need that 5 man unit for both ends of the ice to win games. Your number 1 line and your shutdown line. Everything else is support/grit/energy....
  13. Juolevi or 2018 pick

    When you consider a draft pick, even a 7th overall, is a bit of a crapshoot to guarantee an NHL player let alone an elite talent... your almost always going to value the developed player over a draft pick. That being said OJ still has to prove his worth in the NHL which is kinda my point in the end. If your talking value as in trade value they are probably on balance pretty close depending how you rate the players ranked around 7th in this draft. Both are unproven commodities in the NHL.
  14. Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    Well we have a sniper on the wing in Boeser, sounds like a possible #1center in Petterson, hopefully a solid shutdown center in Horvat... What we need is a shot from the point, offensive high IQ guy... IF Bouchard has the best/hardest shot he sounds like our guy. Hunter says he is a John Carlson type of dman? Sweet! it's a no brainer at our contending arc.
  15. [Proposal] VAN-EDM

    Cannot really see Edmonton doing it... they have options to sign players without giving up a top 10 pick... I'd probably make the trade tho
  16. [Discussion] Three UFA D Pursuit Proposals

    Big. Can skate. Hit. Play defense. That's the kind of depth we want on D
  17. Yeah no way much of this is realistic. 7th overall into a no 1 defense role? A lot of pressure for the young players to make the team as rookies... Erickson a 6mil 4th liner? Never mind a buyout Granlund is an excellent third line option. I'd keep him around if I was Benning. I think goldobin and virtanen played well at the tail end with horvat and deserve a shot at the top six. I dont mind getting rid of a few of the players you mentioned... Hutton, baer, maybe pouliot but that's s huge amount of turnover to a rookie lineup... recipe for disaster just ask the Oilers.
  18. The New NHL ( A Draft Discussion)

    I think the biggest issue the Canucks have with size is that our middle weight forwards cannot skate... you can be effective if you outrace players to pucks and elude checks. Our guys get caught and neutralized way to easily for my taste... baerschti is a good example of a mid sized skill guy who is pretty useless when he HAS the puck. He can sneak in and use his good shot but cannot play the board game or carry the puck very well. Gotta be able to skate....
  19. The New NHL ( A Draft Discussion)

    I agree with the need for size so long as they can still skate and contribute something on the offensive or physical side of play. You lost me at Gaunce being of the ilk Stanley cup winners are made of... guy is a decent enough checker but cant win draws, cant hit, can't shoot, can't pass, how does he help us win a cup? He literally almost brings nothing to the table.
  20. Proposal (TRADE) VAN-CAR

    That is quite the over payment.
  21. [Discussion] Tanev to Philadelphia

    How would you talk about your assets? Not really disagreeing with you but most GM's are not speaking the truth when they are talking about their teams assets potential and ability. Same goes for players talking about contracts... you never hear the real truth
  22. [Proposal] Bringing Home the BC Boy

    If buffalo wants to flush reinhart it's to a contender who doesn't need the 2 2nd rounders at the moment. Its counter productive to trade Lind and a second in our position unless it's for a sure fire upgrade which reinhart is not. As for trading Baer for a pick or as a package to upgrade I'm having no issues with that concept.
  23. My rebuild (trust the process)

    Well at least this proposal doesn't include signing Kane... I like Granlund as a third liner, PK, move up the roster kinda guy If you want bigger bodies, they have to be able to skate and contribute either defensively or offensively Stastny has been regressing for years, IK would pass. But I doubt Winnipeg gives up on Stastny as he has fit in pretty well... who knows he is pricey Carlson is a nice thought... we are missing an offensive Dman badly... Gamble is that he plays on a great line... Hard call...
  24. The myth about Veteran leadership (Discussion)

    A veteran in the minors does not equate to a successful NHL player. It's hard to take advice and direction from someone who cannot actually accomplish what he is saying... Just saying
  25. I think it would be great to sign tavares as we need a number one center. Thing I will point out is pettersson smashed all those records playing wing... maybe he is a great winger. That would give us tavares between boeser and pettersson and horvat as our number two. That's great depth up front.