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  1. Family Plan Questions

    Looking to get a family plan but I don't know a whole lot about cell phone plans as I've only ever had cellphones paid by work. If the plan is 60$ a month is this for everyone or 60 per user? Also who has some of the best family plans? (I live in BC)
  2. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Current Starting Line-Up 1) Reyes SS 2) Martin C 3) Bautista RF 4) Encarnacion 1B 5) Donalson 3B 6) Navarro DH (Probably Traded) 7) Pillar LF (Upgrade?) 8) Pompey CF 9) Goins 2B (Upgrade) Really hoping Melky can be resigned.... Would love to see Kevin Pillar, and Mayberry Jr. used for depth. We need an upgrade at 2B Goins imo, Goins doesn't have the bat. If Navarro is moved we could use the likes of Smoak, Valencia, Tolleson, etc. has a DH but really hoping we would sign someone..
  3. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Lots of young pitching prospects in Toronto all these guys are better than Nolin Norris Hoffman Osuna Reid-Foley Plus the likes of Stroman, Sanchez, Huchinson
  4. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    Yes. Donaldson is one of the top 3 Third Basemen in baseball imo
  5. The Canucks and the First 48 Hours

    It's officially been two days into the NHL Free Agency period. It's a time of the year where teams try to turn themselves from pretenders to contenders. All 30 teams have spent a combined 500 million over the past 48 hours. The Canucks have spent about 14 million of that 500 million on 5 different players. Their biggest move came Tuesday, July 1st, the first day of free agency. The Canucks made their big Canada Day splash by signing UFA goalie Ryan Miller to a three year 18 million dollar deal. Where he will be making six million dollars a season. Now the 33 year old netminder is coming off a season where he split between the Buffalo Sabres and the St.Louis Blues. Miller has been diminishing over the past few seasons, but Benning and company hope he can regain his old form. The Canucks continued the big signings on day two of free agency where they came to terms with Radim Vrbata. His contract is a two year deal, which will pay him five million a season. Vrbata is a 33 year old scoring winger who tallied 20 goals and 31 assists in 80 games last season with the Phoenix Coyotes. Jim Benning did something Mike Gills never really did in his era in Vancouver, by adding a top 6 scoring forward. Jim Benning also signed three more playes over the past 48 hours. The first player was Bobby Sanguinetti, the second was Dustin Jeffrey, and the third was Cal O'Reilly. Sanguinetti is a 26 year old defenceman. Sanguinetti played in the KHL last season and has played the rest of his career in the NHL and the AHL. Jeffrey is a 26 year old center. Jeffrey comes to Vancouver with the Desjardins connection. Meaning he split last season between the Dallas Stars and their affiliate the Texas Stars. He started the season playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He played in 34 NHL games last season where he tallied 4 points. O'Reilly is a 27 year old center. O'Reilly spent last season playing for Vancouver's affiliate the Utica Comets. He had 45 points in 52 games last season. O'Reilly also brings 113 career NHL games under his belt, where he has tallied 41 points.
  6. [PGT] Meltdown/Collapse

    We will now find out who the true fans are...
  7. [GDT] Saturday vs. Calgary

    If anyone is going to the game please start a Fire Gillis chant and later on if you could start a Fire Torts chant that would be the highlight of the game probably!
  8. Most likely this is true but, Eddie doesn't seem to know that from his interview yesterday. Most athletes would understand but, we have to remember he's still young and new to the market.
  9. I'm sick and tired of everyone saying "WOW, The Canucks management is so classless. We have by far one of the most bipolar fan bases in the NHL. Last year half the fan base was against Roberto Luongo and have been for many years. Now all of a sudden everyone's a huge Luo fan. The worst thing that came from yesterdays Heritage Classic was the fact that our own fan base BOO'ed Eddie Lack when his name was announced over the PA and the We want LOU chants. I know many fans are not apart of this problem. If you're part of this problem simply give your head a shake. I don't understand why people would be mad at Eddie? Be mad at Torts idc but, how can you blame Eddie? I'm sick and tired of the classless organization remarks, when our own fan base is classless. Just my two cents.
  10. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    Hopefully he gets fired in the offseason. We need a fresh mind behind there for a rebuild. He needs to remember this isn't 2011 anymore and remember its 2014.
  11. [Rumour] Team1040 Doug Maclean

    Kesler - Would actually be shocked if we trade him, but I could see it happening Luongo - Makes sense, since Lack has proved he can play at the NHL level, just what return though... Garrison - Trade him before you trade Edler PLEASE and actually would be surprised if they traded him Burrows - I still love him but wouldn't be surprised if they'd like to free some cap and give him a change of scenery
  12. [PGT] Canucks Lose 2-1

    Call up Jensen???? ik he hasn't been doing great in Utica but we need to do something to shake up the team.. maybe give Booth a shot? I think Kassian is going to get scratched next game just my prediction
  13. [PGT] Canucks Lose 2-1

    Can't wait to here Torts tonight!
  14. [PGT] Canucks Lose 2-1

    Wasn't a bad game. Gave up WAY too many odd man rushes. Poor Burrows couldn't score on an empty net if he tried right now. Also what gives with benching Kassian?