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  1. Wants him to return where? Horvat is going to be our third line center next year.. Richardson will probably want 1.7+ next season. I think their main priority to resign is Matthias.
  2. Trade 1 To Vancouver: 2015 3rd Round Pick To Eastern Conference Team: Brad Richardson Why? He's a pending UFA and with the emergence of Horvat I don't see him fitting in as our third line center next season. Before his injury he was having a great season and will be expecting a raise. I only expect a third back due to the fact he is still injured. He would still be a great bottom 6 center on any contender. Also I'd rather him go to the east then to a team battling with us for a spot. So basically I'd rather gain a pick then lose him for nothing in the off-season. Trade 2 To Vancouver 2015 5th Round Pick To Anyone: Yannick Weber Why? I don't see us bring him back next season, plus I can't stand the guy. He has a great shot, but hardly uses it to his advantage. Also he is small and easily gets knocked off the puck. Not a very strong defensive minded player, plus prone to giveaways. I'll take a 5th due to our depth at defense. After Deadline Team Sedin-Sedin-Kassian Burrows-Bonino-Vrbata Higgins-Matthias-Dorsett Kennins-Horvat-Hansen Vey-McMillian (RECALL) Edler-Tanev Hamhuis-Bieksa Sbisa-Clendening Stanton Miller Lack Option 2 (NO TRADES) Team Sedin-Sedin-Kassian Burrows-Bonino-Vrbata Matthias-Richardson-Higgins Kennins-Horvat-Hansen Dorsett-Vey Edler-Tanev Hamhuis-Bieksa Sbisa-Clendening Stanton-Weber Miller Lack Option 2 gives us the best shot at making the playoffs and going deep. We would have very good depth, especially with Vey and Dorsett being scratches. Option 1 gets us some assets for 2 player who probabaly wont be returning next season. Which one do you guys prefer? Option 1 get some assets for our Pending UFA's/RFA's or Option 2 use what we got to create depth?
  3. Looking to get a family plan but I don't know a whole lot about cell phone plans as I've only ever had cellphones paid by work. If the plan is 60$ a month is this for everyone or 60 per user? Also who has some of the best family plans? (I live in BC)
  4. Yeah thats the only reason why I looked.. Saw Sbisa complaining.
  5. Looked like he put him self offside.. Skated over the blueline before having the puck over.
  6. Bobby Ryan was offside on the Karlsson game winner.... Yes the ref's blocking it but one angle showed it well, unable to find pic. Picture -
  7. no thanks...
  8. Nucks didn't have a good game tonight. They showed up at times, disappeared at times. Neither team really played well imo. Tough to win hockey games though when Matthias is your best player. Another great effort from him tonight!
  9. smh
  10. Very bad overall game for the Nucks.. Had a good final 5 minutes..
  11. Current Starting Line-Up 1) Reyes SS 2) Martin C 3) Bautista RF 4) Encarnacion 1B 5) Donalson 3B 6) Navarro DH (Probably Traded) 7) Pillar LF (Upgrade?) 8) Pompey CF 9) Goins 2B (Upgrade) Really hoping Melky can be resigned.... Would love to see Kevin Pillar, and Mayberry Jr. used for depth. We need an upgrade at 2B Goins imo, Goins doesn't have the bat. If Navarro is moved we could use the likes of Smoak, Valencia, Tolleson, etc. has a DH but really hoping we would sign someone..
  12. Lots of young pitching prospects in Toronto all these guys are better than Nolin Norris Hoffman Osuna Reid-Foley Plus the likes of Stroman, Sanchez, Huchinson
  13. Would you rather have a high draft pick or a stanley cup?
  14. Yes. Donaldson is one of the top 3 Third Basemen in baseball imo