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  1. Depends what the tanev + + is going to be
  2. Chaput days should be numbered, he hasnt produced . Cmon guys 3 pts hes been given a long leash . Give other people a shot , pass the baton over
  3. This trade is still +1 for us until mccann proves us wrong. D men are worth more period
  4. We won the trade for sure , the gm should get some credit
  5. Exactly its only his first year he has time to grow
  6. Be patient guys, good job jim benning for keeping picks, if anything comes up on a bargain he is going to look at it like he says. If the sedins dont resign we will have a new top 6 and 14 million to spend to retool in a few years
  7. A player the sedins can use. Let megna sit a few games
  8. I love defintely take 3rd and hartnell for 5th, hansen and higgins contract . Get it done