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  1. [Rumour] Sprong on the Trade Block

    I would go granlund for sprong
  2. Why do our guys get injured badly year after year
  3. Trust the process When our guys progress more . We can sign a big fish via free agency and go for it
  4. Ranking our free agent signings

    Beagle only plays 5 games and gets injured. Everyone needs to gel with each other. Ask me this 40 games deep
  5. Guddy ,2nd round , granlund max payment to leafs
  6. EP uses what kind of stick?

    Bauer 1xLite - custom pro stick
  7. Report: Sam Gagner Didn't see his cut coming

    Hes gotta play his way back to the nhl , if we get injuries . Its up to Sam himself
  8. New Line Combinations

    Leipsic looked good in preseason, making things happen out of nothing from time to time. Good 2-3 game tryout to see what happens
  9. Hockey night in canada
  10. Most of the good stats for categories
  11. 3 more spots left Hurry!
  12. draft happening tonight, if we get a full lineup