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  1. Your missing the 250 people maximum for bc
  2. 4-8 weeks is my guess the world has a lower body injury
  3. If they traded barrie , they also want to win now! Which probably means no picks , if they were to do the deal
  4. Should we start calling the GM waiver wire bergevin
  5. Didn’t he go back to Russia for more money???
  6. Why the hell are we at home and there is more of another teams jersey in our building. Garbage
  7. Hes coaching with Laval . But move him over to the Canucks Asap
  8. Hey i got a question. Would anyone on CDC do Loui Eriksson + baer for cory schneider + A pick or something . Then the canucks sent cory to utica to save room . We will need to drop some cap numbers very soon
  9. who you think should play with Horvat since that line isn’t clicking Pearson is trash too, he hasn’t done much either
  10. Why isnt Loui getting a shot with horvat since nothing else is working? Makes no sense to me mr.Green
  11. Yeahhh!!! would be a bruising series for sure