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  1. Ya goldobin needs to take the bull by the horns this year , to finally show what he can do. At the end of the day there are so many spots available for young guns. Who knows , maybe the PTO players are here to push and not take a spot from them .
  2. Hopefully this contract year for sedins means 60-70 pt season , playing with vanek?
  3. Vanek !! With him we make the playoffs?
  4. Luongo will play out the contract minus one year , were ok canucks fans
  5. Eriksson 61 horvat 59 d sedin 58 h sedin 54 boeser 45
  6. Sedins/eriksson or gagner bank it!
  7. Kyle wellwood 2.0? better shot, he needs a trigger man. Sedins maybe?
  8. If virtanen makes it "cross fingers" they will be cutting someone else . As of now they have too many bodys at forward chaput , megna , gaunce , burmistrov, dorsett , boeser, goldobin and forgot who else . Some good competition to make the big club
  9. Hooe he makes the team , just to throw a wrench into greens plans
  10. No star power also means there is not one jersey you can buy that people are dying for
  11. If they put up 50 pts , not sure of they will
  12. Just needs that johnny gaudreau speed
  13. LOL funny ass photos guys
  14. Whoever shows the best work ethic will make it the rest will be waived/sent down , may the best men win
  15. Its funny people think an off year is retirement time