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  1. Wouldn’t it be the most Canuck thing ever to win the cup when we can’t properly celebrate it. Glad the poll results reflect how we all feel Cup any way we can get it!
  2. Also keep in mind every team will free up some cap space following next season with the expansion draft.
  3. It’s not equitable. It provides relief to some of the teams with recapture issues but not all. If they are going to give say the predators the ability to spread out Weber’s penalty over time the amendment should have allowed all teams with recapture to spread the penalty over a longer timeframe.
  4. It’s a ridiculous rule and the proposed amendments are equally stupid. there were a lot of backdiving contracts and my long term bet is when more start entering recapture they turf the recapture completely. Drance mskes a good point in that it is bad it is bad for players as a whole as the potential pool of money league wide will go down the more recapture hits out there.
  5. I think in the spirit of equality we need to get rid of the Captain Morgan pirate. Many pirates from Captain Kid to Blackbeard were violent criminals. The imagery of captain Morgan romanticizes their crimes and lifestyle and sends an image our community no longer supports.
  6. I think they would be looking at Canada aside from our quarantine restrictions
  7. The stats are not really relevant if you see the minimal ice time he received in the first half of the year. Once he was getting even 10-12 minutes a night the points followed. The way he has been developed in Russia will be helpful as he’s learned to contribute without playing 20 minutes a night. When he is playing for us in 2021 he will likely be starting with 3rd line minutes so will be prepared for that role and will know hoe to work his way up the lineup.
  8. I don’t disagree with moving out bad cops if past performance merits it as their job is to protect us which includes criminals.
  9. I disagree with you there. If we are committed to eliminating future George floyd tragedies we need to take a hard look as a society about what we can do to eliminate poverty/“the hood”/perceived lower class people’s. if we have large segments of the population that are poor and marginalized it will drive bias against those people as the economically challenged segments have the most personal and property crime simply because of where/how they live. its not enough to just say don’t be racist/all people matter. More needs to be done to help the communities to raise them up. End the cycle of bias and you will have more success ending racism
  10. These strategies like reboot the police force make me want to pull out my last 17 hairs. These social justice warriors are acting like we have a endless line of people that want to get into law enforcement. Law enforcement is a stressful career that certainly isn’t for everyone. What we should really be doing is doubling down on social workers and education to help the economically challenged of all skin tones have more opportunity to improve their situation. Give the youth in these communities hope and a way up/out. These types of strategies are not a single political term these will take a generation to work out of and will take a lot more than celebrities and athletes posting things we want to hear on social media. Time for the protestors to start suggesting solutions to the problems they face.
  11. One year deal would be an interesting play with expansion draft looming
  12. Who knows what’s next but if we get playoff hockey Sven will be on the taxi squad and could get an opportunity
  13. Given the changes since the trade was made wouldn’t it be fair to make the pick lottery protected? All these trades were made on business as usual basis and the league should be fair especially if the season is cancelled.