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  1. I smell a 3 game win streak coming baby!
  2. you need the right prospects pretty unlikely to find difference makers outside the first round. Where grabbing some additional assets today would be to redeploy in offseason trades. Probably better than the UFA class will be to dirty bird some of the teams in Cap hell come the off season
  3. so does vrbata start getting healthy scratched?
  4. You could say that if Chicago went out and improved their defence, instead they acquired 3 forwards. They may regret it if injuries happen on their blueline as hammer would be solid protection for the top 4. Can't blame them for grabbing Ladd a great fit for the team and a low risk move.
  5. I agree term has to be short and money right. We're talking a guy with 0 goals and 6 assists in about 40 games. If Dan was so serious about staying in Vancouver for an additional 3 months to play on a losing team 3 mill per season might be overpayment
  6. framework has similar but they picked Russell. I think Dallas wanted to secure Russell first thinking they could have Hamhuis cheap given our weak leverage. lesson learned for Nill.
  7. You could argue Dallas is a loser here too they tried to screw us thinking we would fold for a nothing offer and considering they probably overpaid for Russell they could have easily had both Hammer and Russell which would have greatly improved their cup chances. Jim couldn't fold for a weak offer sometimes you need to die on a hill to make a point.
  8. If this report is just speculation its a dirty pool move to a good team guy like hamhuis. don't know what to think but can't imagine Dan not waiving to go to Chicago.
  9. I think what people are caught off guard on is we have been fed messaging that we're letting prospects over ripen in the minors. We have a homegrown draft pick score 20+ goals in the ahl(seriously when was the last time that happened) and as a result we're feeling like management isn't doing what they said they were going to do and for most people it makes their spidey senses go off.
  10. curious what the roster looks like next fall given how many of these "nhl ready" prospects we have acquired may need to clear waivers
  11. They must have felt like Shinkaruk isn't going to become a top 6 winger. Given what we're getting back its a tough trade to be excited about.
  12. forgive me in advance but the strategy should be called "Laying down for Laine"
  13. Before the season is over I wouldn't mind a look at a 3rd line of Burrows-Gaunce-Shink
  14. need someone who can cycle and finish not sure Vey is the man
  15. I think Every Canucks fans worst nightmare is finishing inside the top 5 and getting bumped out of the top 5 by lottery winners this year.