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  1. So what type of asset could we get taking on one of the stars surplus goalies
  2. I think we need to look at a team like the jets and reflect we could be several year from competing for the playoffs. They have a star centre and decent supporting cast and can't crack the post season. It's a little frightening when you see how long the playoff droughts of the poster children of the rebuild models have lasted. For those looking for the twins to retire this team gets Colorado bad when they choose to retire.
  3. Alf you read my mind, I looked at a lot of the redrafts posted and you need to question if mackinnon should even go top 5. He had a great rookie year but has been stuck in the mud a little since. Mediocre heart and intangibles should be the guy pushing his teammates for more in his 4th year.
  4. Considering we were sellers at the deadline we didn't move out our top centres or d which allows us to compete. Watch Colorado for one night and it's plain to see having vets supporting the youth is a must.
  5. I have had the opportunity to watch Sams Jr. Career living in Regina I'm not convinced he'll be big enough to get his game off in the nhl. He won't be a bottom 6 player if he makes it top 6 or bust.
  6. 6th or 7th isn't really worth it at that level investing contracts with college free agents would be a better use of assets.
  7. We probably could get more production for 14 mill but would likely need to commit for a lot longer than one year. After the twins retire what we need is those roster spots going to guys on elc's. Those guys are still incubating or maybe not in the org yet.
  8. You people are unbelievable. Human beings in general need to live in the moment more. The board is treating the twins like the family dog that has one year to live but let's euthanize it now because it can't run as fast as it used to. The reality is we don't have the twins replacements yet so we might as well enjoy the twilight and remaining highlights!
  9. Letting hamhuis go for a low draft pick last year would have encouraged teams to low ball us. This year we are in a better position as a guy like burrows would relish a playoff run
  10. Sedin's had a pretty decent game last night and that line generated as many chances or more than our other lines. I advocated taking a Spurs approach to occasionally resting the twins in season to maximize performance and based on the first few games post xmas break they looked fresherr. Pay attention post all star and post 5 day break in February and I'm sure we will see a similar pattern. Stetch has had a tough week and should be put in some lower leverage situations for a bit.
  11. I know new is always better but you realize who had scored the goals tonight?
  12. Did anyone else read that drivel today on sportsnet that the Canucks should be more like the leafs(tanking). We should be like the Kings get a number 1 centre(check), get a number 1 dman(good chance we have one already), and draft an elite goalie(good chance we're covered there). With a little more luck on the lotto balls we would be writing why they should be like us lol.
  13. Boys weren't moving their feet for the first two periods can't do that and expect to win.
  14. It's about as positive as an 80 year old nun's pregnancy test around here. go Canucks!
  15. Saw more of guys trying to make plays happens tonight good win!