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  1. Yah, but we also won that game, so it softened the blow.
  2. Wow. We have an NHL player. Cow town doesn't. Trade win, yes!
  3. Did that happen in one of the post cup riots? Lol
  4. I agree it still makes sense, but the the more appropriate saying would be: there are too many burnt bridges
  5. Surprised at your negativity. They are just trying to make the team better. What's wrong with that? The youngsters will get their chance when the time is right
  6. Recognized a fellow at Steve Nash fitness in Kelowna. I thought I knew him thru business, but it turns out its Dave Nonis. I know, not a player, but really nice guy in person. He was there with his son. As I posted earlier, met Martin Gelinas there last week as well. Wonder who else will show up?
  7. Same, but against the returning California Seals
  8. My youngest was born when I was 44
  9. How about we all just shelve the trade Ideas till after training camp at least? getting old.
  10. Just met Martin Gelinas at Steve Nash fitness in Kelowna today. Nice guy. I walked up to him and said 'you look just like Martin Gelinas' he said 'that's because I am' We had a short talk, I mentioned the 94 cup run, how I liked him as a canuck. I said didn't like as much you scoring the series OT winner against us as a flame, he laughed and said 'but it felt good!' Anyways, he has a summer home in Kelowna and he (and his son Matt, nice kid) have joined the gym for the summer, so I'll probably see him around.
  11. I am 52 yrs old and dropped cable 3 yrs ago. GOOGLE watch Canucks free online - have not missed a single game. If u want to watch on your tv, connect your pc with hdmi. most links are at least 720ppi.
  12. Can't wait to see what Gadjovich will do in a couple years. We are in a rebuild, patience please.
  13. Went with my wife in 2009 for 2 glorious weeks. Yes, they love Canadians. Bring gum, hot wheels cars for the little boys, dolls for the girls. We also brought a suitcase of extra clothes which we gave away. I dont know if it is as bad economy wise now, but still a good idea. Biggest tip, hire a private driver (taxi) and guide for the day, it is cheaper than resort "tours" (we actually arranged this on the side with a friendly hotel employee) and they take you to places the tourists dont go. Definitely go to old Havana, also the cemetary (as someone else mentioned) it is really amazing. Also the Hotel National de Cuba and the cathedral are both must see. People were really friendly. They survive on the tourist trade, so spend money locally in Havana. Bought some great cuban music and art as well.
  14. I'm glad canucks management values Baer more than you do. He is 2 years younger, 2 inches taller and about 20lbs bigger than Marchessault. March only had 18 pts in 45 games the year before in TB, yes he broke out w/30g and 51 pts with FLA in a less physical east conf. Baer has been more consistent in the 2 season span scoring 28 pts the season before and then 35 pts in less games this year while playing injured, plus his +/- was -6 compared to March's -21. I would suspect that March's year might be the blip. Baer is only trending upward and I wouldn't be surprised if he notched 50 pts next year if he is injury free and 75+ games.