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  1. It aPEARSONs that we have depth on this team! And Bo oh Bo, what a game!
  2. Clearly someone replaced your coffee this morning with p*ss and you then poured it on your cornflakes. If you have such a negative outlook for/of this team, why do you even follow them? Or perhaps you don't, instead you get your kicks by coming on this forum and baiting people? Either way, continue if you must. I does create some extra entertainment here. “I'm a troll," he said. Then he paused, and added, more or less as an afterthought, "Fol rol de ol rol.” ― Neil Gaiman, Troll Bridge
  3. But you don't cheer for the coilers, so in my books - good guy!
  4. We are 2 points from third in the division, 1 point behind san hosers for the wildcard and they have a game in hand. It’s all tight currently, still 56 games to play
  5. Really like the GDT @therodigy but you have to change the team we're playing to the Oilers, it says Dallas Stars right now.
  6. Amen brother. You do you, and be happy. But for many this sport is their passion and that’s ok too. How we spend our time (as @coastal.view said) is a choice. I joined this forum 6 years ago but have watched this team for 40+ years. I have many memories I associate with the game and times in my life both good and bad. Like all entertainment, it’s an escape. What you put into that escape is your choice. Relevance is in the mind of the beholder.
  7. 4-3 Canucks (bounce back game) Van scores first Petey scores first split
  8. PVR'd the game. When the Pens scored their 4th, I just had a feeling, started fast forwarding to my ultimate pain. Woe is me, time for one last drink then off to bed to dream of lead retention.