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  1. Flogging Molly. Great band. Check them out.
  2. The guy won a freaking cup here and now he's treating his team like this. What an a-hole.
  3. What a loser. Look for him to try and injure a few of the Lions players when we play the Argos.
  4. He just needs to put it all together and he'll be fine.
  5. Very impressed by Manneh. He's gonna be a force on the Caps this year.
  6. Mike Brodeur?
  7. All Correct
  8. Silver Linings Playbook. 8.5/10. Good movie to watch with your wife/girlfriend. Funny at parts too.
  9. Django Unchained - 9.5/10. Brilliant acting, hilarious, and a lot of violence. Makes for a great movie.
  10. Manny Legace?
  11. Bald Auld?
  12. Bachman?
  13. Pavelec
  14. Ben Bishop?