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  1. This thread, as soon as I saw it, made me rest my palms in my face. I just said that, yes. I think I hear a distinctly similar story in my ear --- even of a familiar former Panther, hm. Who could it be? Oh, just a David Booth? Coming from the East to West on a very different team with a different pairing is going to take time to adjust to, not only that does he need to settle in his skates and find his comfort zone. Being from BC, he's probably still got the butterflies from this adjustment. Besides. He hasn't been noticable, and mark my words, for a defenseman that is a good thing. He may not be that amazing 'score on every shot and a ???? god' guy we were hyping up but come on. Who really thought we were ever going to get that out of him, let alone on his first season? Stop overreacting. Just because he's playing mediocre doesn't warrant the cries that the sky is falling. Everyone has their own time adjusting.