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  1. I've never been good at drafting so I'm definitely interested in the tips
  2. Listening to games on cknw 980
  3. 99% sure it's yes
  4. We are going to need one too
  5. Like it. After this season we could have a good starting goalie under 4. Beauty. Seem Benning is getting better at this negotiating thing and not over paying
  6. Surprised it's under 10 even more surprised it's under 9. Guess he wants a shot of winning instead of chasing the money.
  7. Weber at 7m > subban at 9m Even if the money was the same I'd take weber every time
  8. Vesey would be great next to stamkos. Too bad they're signing in Toronto
  9. Sad day for willie d
  10. Like the term and cap. Hope this is new trend for Benning
  11. 10000000000 years
  12. Want to see them win so Cbj needs to win 2 games in between.
  13. When I watch a game they win. When I don't they lose. So see ya. Plus it's to nice out to watch a snooze fest. Regulation loss and 2 wins from Cbj in a perfect world