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  1. Labate, White, Virtanen line will be fun to watch! I feel sorry for the Kings haha
  2. Canucks pick Gabriel Carlsson big swede #23
  3. Calgary has been beating a lot of good teams recently....
  4. Sundin's have looked good the last couple weeks
  5. Oh ok, we can't move up to 5th, either we win the draft and pick 1st or we pick 6th or 7th?
  6. Do we pick 6th? I thought there is a lottery, can't we move up or down spots still??
  7. Hasn't stopped Benn from being a beast
  8. I assume you watch a lot of hockey so I am very confused how an every day stick check in front of the net can be called disgusting by you, Weber did nothing wrong it's was every dman is trained to do.
  9. Are you kidding me? That's a hockey play, Weber was not trying to hurt Burr, This is why the rest of the league laughs at Canucks fans.
  10. Can't believe all we got for Cody Hodgson is a 4th line bum
  11. Why would I do that? Everybody knows we should have no point talking about it anymore.
  12. Horvat is really slow...... and useless.