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  1. I got a trial of NHL 16 through EA Access, if anyone wants to play on Xbox One, add me: Loafdawg69
  2. 4 minute PP for Anaheim to start the 3rd. You guys think it's better to have a PP on fresh ice or not so much?
  3. I just started collecting vinyl after my buddy told me how awesome they were. I bought an Audio-Technica turntable, nothing fancy to it, just plays records. If you are a metal fan like me, then Scrape records is the place to go for vinyl. I love the picture LP's but I don't know if they are the best for playing. I just got the new Alice in Chains album and the artwork on the vinyl is sweet
  4. Demo out for Wii U or 3DS?
  5. Nevermind
  6. What's the best way to level up past 20?
  7. Love this show, watch it every week. The one he did for the World Cup was my favorite
  8. The fact that you can drive the Batmobile sold me on the game. It looks deadly!
  9. I just checked and all the new game prices are still $59.99 for pre-orders. Only game I saw that was $5 more was Elder Scrolls: Online
  10. I know Tomb Raider came out for PS4 today, I guess it's a revamp of the original game, looks like it could be alright. Injustice is a great game that I have for PS4, I think it's on sale for $50 right now at FS and BB.
  11. Florida St./Auburn tomorrow for the National Championship, who takes it?
  12. I'm torn on this issue. I'd love to see this pipeline go through if it can boost our economy and create jobs for people in BC, but I don't want our beautiful province to be tainted with a bad spill. I have a great career now, and it's all thanks to the oil industry, and would love to see more people that are struggling to make ends meet in BC to be in the position I am in. I know you can't make everyone happy, but I hope this will get resolved and a good majority will be happy with whatever decision is made.
  13. Been thinking about getting into snowboarding, but I know it's all about balance and my balance is terrible. I'm sure praticing would help it, but I feel I'll be on my ass most of the time
  14. I think GSP might go into Olympic Wrestling, as he stated before that he was interested in doing, and since the IOC is bringing it back, I could see this happening.
  15. You gusy can have our snow here in Grande Prairie, all 110 cm's of it!