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  1. NHL 16 Thread

    I got a trial of NHL 16 through EA Access, if anyone wants to play on Xbox One, add me: Loafdawg69
  2. [Official] Destiny

  3. [Official] Destiny

    What's the best way to level up past 20?
  4. PlayStation 4 Thread

    I know Tomb Raider came out for PS4 today, I guess it's a revamp of the original game, looks like it could be alright. Injustice is a great game that I have for PS4, I think it's on sale for $50 right now at FS and BB.
  5. NCAA football

    Florida St./Auburn tomorrow for the National Championship, who takes it?
  6. Northern Gateway Pipeline KILLED

    I'm torn on this issue. I'd love to see this pipeline go through if it can boost our economy and create jobs for people in BC, but I don't want our beautiful province to be tainted with a bad spill. I have a great career now, and it's all thanks to the oil industry, and would love to see more people that are struggling to make ends meet in BC to be in the position I am in. I know you can't make everyone happy, but I hope this will get resolved and a good majority will be happy with whatever decision is made.
  7. Snowboard & Ski Thread

    Been thinking about getting into snowboarding, but I know it's all about balance and my balance is terrible. I'm sure praticing would help it, but I feel I'll be on my ass most of the time
  8. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    I think GSP might go into Olympic Wrestling, as he stated before that he was interested in doing, and since the IOC is bringing it back, I could see this happening.
  9. OMG Snow?

    You gusy can have our snow here in Grande Prairie, all 110 cm's of it!
  10. OMG Snow?

    I'm gonna have to drive in a complete sh!tstorm tomorrow. I'm in Estevan, going to Red Deer and it's gonna get bad. Could get up to 30cm, winds blowing up to 80km/h and frigid temperatures, this should be fun, hope I can handle it.
  11. PlayStation 4 Thread

    Been having problems with my PS4, seems to be freezing when I power it off, have to unplug the AC cord to get it to shut off and that could cause data loss or corruption, I phoned Sony support and asked them what to do. Did what they told me but still having problems, I'm hoping this won't be a constant issue
  12. Xbox One Thread

    I only had to wait a hour outside, plus another half hour to get it inside, so I'd not too upset even if I could've made more money, I'm just glad I made someones dday and was able to make some money for little effort
  13. Xbox One Thread

    How am I f*cking someone? They agree to pay it, I had to freeze my ass off just to get it, I bet if I never got it, someone else probably would and sold it for like $1200 just for the system. I think what I asked for was fair and the buyer agreed, so I'm not feeling guilty about it
  14. Xbox One Thread

    ha! didn't waste anything! Just sold it for $900, made $160 on it!
  15. [Official] Battlefield 4 Thread

    Finally been getting some good game without rubberbanding as it's called, been playing 64 man conquests and the game is running very smooth with no problems. I'm just glad EA and DICE finally got their sh!t together, they really needed to wait longer and work to make this game 100% not half done