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    Had a pretty good of life of killin' and ninja stuff up until that buzzkill Sub-Zero showed up. Who asks for a sit down and tea then cuts your family to pieces right in front of you? Anyways, he killed me too and my spirit was resurrected for vengeance. I did eventually find him fighting in a tournament called "Mortal Kombat" (who spells combat with a K? That Shang Tsung needs to work on his garbage literacy skills...) We fought and after an epic battle, I was victorious! I ripped his head and spine from his body! Its now on a mantle above the fireplace! A great edition to a plethora of other "Krispy" ones... Am I now using K where there should be C's? SMFH...
  1. And the winner of the Cody Hodgson/Zack Kassian trade IS.....!!!! The Montreal Canadiens?!

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Should have drafted Karlsson :(

  2. Those who think we can depend of free agency to fill our needs after a mass roster overhaul is asking for a prayer from the hockey Gods themselves... Good luck with that one...

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    2. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      You sure have a big schnoz. ;)

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Yeah, go for the joke 1 million other people have made before.

      There was you assuming that the Canucks don't think that drafting a defenceman is a priority, now that Canucks fans think fixing the team through free agency is possible. Sure, whatever you say.

    4. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      I can feel a difference in the air pressure. Do you ever unclinch your anus? Stop being such a tight ass and yes I do assume these things because I've heard it and seen it written (on this site) multiple times. Your reaction to my comment is warranted, however, you obviously ASSUME that people are as smart as you (whatever you think your hockey I.Q. may or may not be).

  3. How is it not priority one for this team to draft defensemen? Our 1st pick needs to be a defenseman no questions. We're starving for them...

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    2. The Magician

      The Magician

      Brandon Carlo plox

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      bpa....bennings choice...

    4. BanTSN


      Pass on the Q D unless it's Zboril.

  4. Weircioch. 24, BC boy, 6'5", 205 lbs, Left handed shot. Known for his offense... I think we found our defenseman! Get him JB!!!

    1. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      If you trade for him Id go something like Sbisa and Mackenzie Stewart for Weircioch. Replace Sbisa with Yannick Weber if his trade value is good enough (doubtful).

    2. canuktravella


      i like sbisa how bout jensen and weber

    3. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      I don't want to trade Jensen but if I was to entertain the idea I'd say Ottawa would have to add a 3rd... Again, I'd prefer Jensen stayed though lol

  5. In light of the Tlusty and Winnik trades, I wanted to post this article that Canucks Army wrote... http://canucksarmy.com/2015/2/25/canucks-trade-deadline-2015-unsolicited-advice-for-trader-jim

    1. Tearloch7


      great perspective .. thanks for sharing ..

  6. So what really are our options come trade deadline? Trade a vet for a prospect and/or a draft pick? Vet for vet? Prospect for prospect? I have a feeling it'll be a quiet day for us.

    1. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      I believe we will be trying to stack our AHL team for a playoff run if anything else.

    2. ken kaniff

      ken kaniff

      I think Bennings adds another top 6 forward and we win the cup

  7. What is wrong with this team? Is it identity? Is it "stale" core? Is it just poor luck? Honestly... This is fricken painful...

  8. I think this Tampa game really showed where we sit in this league and its juuuuust under the top 10 mark. We are not nearly fast enough. These team skate past us with ease. Dorsett and Hansen, however... My goodness can they fly! As well as Matthias when those legs get churning!

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    2. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      Well thats what I was meaning. We've been ranked 10th for our hot streak in the beginning of the season. We've only slipped 4-5 places since then. And like Pears said, we're only a few replacements away from being back in the top 10 fold. I dont think its so far-fetched to assume we can do it.

    3. RRypien37


      Not till young guys replace the old core. Don't kid yourself.

    4. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      Lol Sorry. I forgot how some people here are impervious to wishful thinking or any sense of positive outlook. Instead of destructive, why don't you try being constructive?

  9. Wow. Where was this kind of play three games ago? Im especially liking the Matthias - Bonino - Vey line... Very crisp play.

    1. desiboynux4lifee*******


      need to face better competition

    2. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      Are you saying that when we face better competition, we play better? or are you saying the Flyers are garbage and we need to play better in general?

  10. How about that Godla Kid? Wow, what a performance by him! if not for him its 10 to 1.

    1. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      Pure robbery that he didn't get player of the game...

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Atleast the crowd told them who they thought was the player of the game

    3. Heretic


      Yeah but if that was Luongo or Miller, fans here would be saying - he didn't make the timely save that was needed.

  11. So the roster for Canada's WJC team says Virtanen is on the team but I've literally heard his name once during this Slovakia - Canada game.

    1. AriGold


      If you had to check the roster to know he's on the team then you're not a Canucks fan, are you ?

    2. stawns


      haha, what a tool this guy is

    3. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      Being a Canucks fan has nothing to do with it. I guess you guys misunderstood my comment. He's nowhere to be seen on the ice. Is he being sat? Or is he just unnoticeable? But hey, thats ok. A good portion of the CDC folk on here are about as dense as a diamond and couldn't have the courtesy to get clarification on what someone means, if you were guaranteed good karma for it. So quick to scold and too slow to think before speaking. Alas, The internet.PS. Stawns, See you next Tuesday...

  12. I said it before the season started. I told people to quote me. Before the season ends Sestito would put on waivers. ;)

    1. goalie13


      You were really going out on a limb with that prediction.

    2. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      Hey man, who would've mad that prediction if not me? lol It was like he was a top 6 forward or Top 6tito if you will...

  13. Imagine. Bieksa in a Habs jersey... I'm (startlingly) ok with that...

  14. I cannot seem to find a website that shows Utica's line combinations. Anyone out there know?

    1. Zfetch


      Your best shot is probably their twitter account.

    2. Specter's Vengeance

      Specter's Vengeance

      Evem their twitter account is vague at best... Thanks for the response though.

    3. Tortorella's Rant

      Tortorella's Rant

      The AHL websites don't show jack about specifics. No lines, barely any stats.

  15. Im willing to bet Kesler tries to take a run at one of our players when he visits. And who should come calling if he does? Well that'd be Bieksa of course! Bieksa can smash his pretty boy mug into dust...

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    2. viking mama

      viking mama

      Actually the guy he may want to piss-off the most is Miller.

    3. Dazzle


      All of you are delusional. Kesler's not going to do any of that dirty stuff on his former teammates. I highly doubt he'll even do it for the new guys. I think he'll just have a beast of a game.

    4. 87Crosby


      Probably Sbisa. Dudes tough as nails