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  1. Canucks just had 2 days off before tonight's Kings game, and have 2 days off after Leafs game. That's 7 days (Tuesday the 10th to Monday the 16th) with just 2 games...while the schedule's not busy, play our one healthy guy we know can get the job done (hint: it isn't Markstrom). 2 sets of back-to-backs later this month, wait until then to throw Markstrom back in
  2. It amazes me how many people give the Canucks no chance of beating LA. Granted they're a tough matchup and the defending champs would rightfully be the favourites in a potential series against us, but they're not invincible. While I don't expect to see the Canucks bounce the Kings this playoffs, I'd be far from shocked if they did. I mean, Quick has been far from the brick wall he was winning his cups, and Vancouver is the more gifted offensive's certainly plausible, especially if Miller is healthy and hot at the right time
  3. What to do when Miller's back? Celebrate sending Markstrom back to Utica, because he doesn't belong in the NHL.
  4. I don't think a 48 game NHL career in which Jakob Markstrom has established his credentials as an incapable NHL goaltender is too small a sample size. It's not just this one game, he's failed over and over again when given a shot in the NHL. (Which obviously doesn't indicate Ericsson would fare better, but I think some Markstrom apologists need to be a little more critical/realistic in their assessment of him)
  5. Play our home games in San Jose? Saw my 1st away Canucks game down there this December (30th I think)...LOTS of fellow Canucks fans, all of whom actually seem interested in the game, and they actually let you cheer loudly in the arena! Was such a nice contrast to the boring atmosphere the past few times I've been to home games. And anyone who tries to write this off as a North American vs. European thing needs to take a trip down the I-5 with the Southsiders next time the Caps play in Seattle...although there is a lesson to be learned from the Premier League: the team with the most expensive ticket prices (Arsenal) has a notoriously dull atmosphere, much as Toronto and Vancouver do within the NHL.
  6. Is this really a debate? There's only one NHL-caliber goalie on the roster (Lack) so it should be a no-brainer. Perhaps some people need to be made aware of Jakob Markstrom's career stats: 12-28-5 record .894 save % 3.25 GAA It's not like he just played 1 bad game, he's consistently shown throughout his career he can't get the job done at the NHL level. There are seriously Canucks fans out there who want to see this guy anywhere close to our crease with the team in a close playoff race? Barring a terrible game by Lack at some point in the near future where he gets pulled and Markstrom somehow steals it in relief, let Lack just run with it until our pair of back-to-back games later this month.