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  1. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    I worked for years at a movie theatre as a projectionist. It was originally a 4 cinema theatre that had been expanded to 12. There was a certain cinema in the old part of the movie theatre that always gave me the creeps late at night. I didn't have any problems there in the daytime, but I would get creeped out when I had to go back there to turn off the exhaust fans and power down the equipment. Just being in that particular area made the hair on the back of my neck stand up on end, and I was getting fairly used to it over the years, but it always made me edgy and it felt like something was off. One evening I was standing beside the projector, working away and I saw something out the corner of my eye. A figure to my right suddenly appeared and walked forward towards the rear cinema wall and vanished. It happened in the blink of an eye, but I didn't doubt what I'd seen. I didn't get a good look at it, but it seemed to be a woman in a silvery dress strolling down the hall and vanishing. Strangely, I wasn't that scared at the time but it seemed to confirm that there was something unusual about the booth behind that particular cinema. A friend of mine who worked similar shifts also confirmed that the same thing happened to him - he saw the same walking figure late one night while he was working at the same projector and described the exact same thing that I had seen; the same woman walking down the hall towards the rear of the cinema and vanishing.
  2. PDSF: (2) San Jose Sharks vs (3) Los Angeles Kings

    I love seeing Quick getting exposed by a skilled Sharks offense. Also love seeing Doughty lose. Two of the most arrogant, dislikeable players I can think of getting humbled. Keep it up Sharks!
  3. CFL Thread

    Lions aren't playing particularly well, but this reffing is completely one-sided.
  4. Name That Canuck!

    Edit: this one may be a bit too obscure...
  5. Name That Canuck!

    Correct! Too easy, I guess. Maybe I'd better go back a few years..
  6. Name That Canuck!

    Yes! Liked him as a Canuck. How about:
  7. Name That Canuck!

  8. OMG Heat Wave?

    Rode the bike to work today. From Surrey to Langley and back. The morning ride was beautiful but the ride home up hill was stinking hot. I like it though, it's a challenge. I need to build up some resistance to the heat.
  9. The Official Transit Thread

    At least you have buses in Vancouver. Ever try commuting in Surrey?