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  1. Sbisa's is gone...was awful


    Both goalies contracts are terrible for 2 players have never been starters in the league..


    Tanevs was a real good signing.


    Whats kind of amazing to me is....all the bad ones you've listed were called out as bad the day they were signed.

    How come the GM couldn't see this ?


    Got Gillman fired...when in hindsight he was 100% correct

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i can't see why we can't win the stanley cup, every year we're in our rebuild. this is cdc world. anything can happen. can we live through a rebuild? not without the cup every year. 

    3. canuktravella


      sorry i think markstrom is a great goalie   he will suprise all the people that have no faith in him 

    4. nickels


      To Alf...


      I guess if keeping us at the bottom of the league is the goal...

      then I agree, they are both perfect goalies.


      Who else was gonna give Nillson 2.5 ??




      I hope you're right...but have seen nothing that allows me to share your optimism.

      IMO he will have some great games that will keep everyone talking of his potential...But has been prone to let in stinkers...and this team is not good enough to overcome avg goaltending...

      Been spoiled here for too long.

      Lets check back around the Holidays..

  2. Disagree..


    For 500 Million...much being spread around to the teams for 1/15-20th of their roster.


    who wants a crap team when trying to introduce hockey to a new market ?