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  1. Consider it ended Troll...thanks again for all your insight
  2. 11...Do you still "think there's a chance that JFK was assassinated" ?
  3. You're boring and predictable....if you don't believe ...read your last 9 posts. Your most thought provoking post was when you stated that "You think there's a chance that JFK was assassinated"
  4. Brilliant .... Go review your last 8 thought provoking posts and explain how anyone in here or anywhere could ever take you seriously Very sad
  5. Again...ZERO insight and crawl away. Nice wasting 10 mins w/you....now run along and attack some other poster...till they too expose you as the uninformed ignorant person you are.
  6. What part of the federal reserve conspiracy do u disagree with ?....I'll attempt to enlighten you. Meanwhile...by all means continue to bring ZERO to this discussion besides insults.' Sound fair ? You think "there's a chance JFK was assassinated "...huh ? I'll ask again....How old are you ? What is the highest level of education that you have completed ?
  7. Start at the 1:30 mark if u lack the concentration level to get thru all 5 minutes Then research executive order 11110 Or...as I predict u will do...just keep insulting and name calling if it makes you feel better about yourself. It's an awful lot simpler than opening your mind to see what might filter in....
  8. Please post your age and last level of education completed...
  9. I feel great empathy for uninformed internet loudmouths who lack the intelligence to discuss anything...but instead attack people who posts things that they don't have the IQ to understand. Why don't you take the time to see who owns every source of Mainstream media in the Western world... Until you do...you're a complete waste of a conversation. I'm sure you'll just respond with another insult....that's all ignorant unintelligent internet trolls know how to do. So flame away loser....or try to enlighten yourself . Can start here.... http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/01/1917-j-p-morgan-bought-us-corporate-media-to-be-1s-lying-sacks-of-spin.html
  10. r u kidding me ? "Ok Tinfoil Hat Boy. Grow up and learn to view history with a clear intelligent mind that is interested in facts and empirical data and then we'll talk. Until then you're useless on this subject. " Don't bother responding...you're not worth wasting another minute on...
  11. Name calling....how consistent with the truly ignorant. Go fight with someone else loser...
  12. I'm so done arguing with people in here... Take the time to research something,,,,examine both sides ... then form YOUR opinion..... Kennedy became aware after a short period of time that the country was not run as we all believe it to be. Listen to his speeches...his words.. Not how they're interpreted by the media.. Here's the simple truth.... the Fed(central banks) owns every media source....and you are going to hear what they want you to hear.. It's very simple...tell your kids family neighbors etc that this is the truth.....because it is .. Or live in fear that there's a "terrorist" "communist"...Boogieman around every corner. All humans are filled with love until they're taught(brainwashed) differently.. Divide and conquer......yawn
  13. Only 2 presidents to try to take the issuance of the US currency out of the hands of the Rothschild controlled central bank. Forget any conspiracy theory...if you want to know why Kennedy was shot...research executive order 11110. One of LBJs first acts as president was to reverse... Lincoln tried to issue US controlled "Greenbacks".....the criminal banksters would have none of it.