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  1. Anyone know if Shinkaruk is projected to start in Calgary ? Bubble ? 1st 5 Canuck preseason games on NHL network ?? WTF doubt will have 5 all regular season..
  2. don't see any relevance whatsoever to the topic being discussed ???
  3. as have you...
  4. I respect your opinion... U have yours ...i have mine. Time will tell I guess... Thats what posting boards r for... Not the immature attacks on posters rather than the substance of the post route that some in here choose to take.
  5. So if neither player ever earns a starting position in the NHL would consider these "steals" ?
  6. That is what you get for a Burrows or Hansen Go back and check the comments in the Goldie or Dahlen threads.... Bennings a genius ! What a steal ! etc etc etc in here...
  7. I'm sure when he has a mediocre you'll blame it on the mono. Or the usual "XXXfill in the blanks"....take longer to develop.
  8. Agree 100%.....although your response is no where near as insightful and thought provoking as that clever wordsmith Blunt. I never meant to insinuate that it was a bad trade....don't think either was. Just to hear people in the media and in here talk of these two as future franchise cornerstones was never realistic in my opinion. I think they both became "2 of our top 5 prospects" the day we acquired them. Hope they both turn out to be great players...just will be surprised.
  9. I''ll slow it down for you.... We (the Canucks) did not acquire two future superstars for Jannik Hansen and Alex Burrows. far ? The teams that traded them away had a much more qualified reading on the 2 players having had them in their systems .. ...still ok ? Everyone is now very down on Goldie as he has turned out (so far at least) to be exactly what the Sharks felt they were losing. A one dimensional player...who is a borderline NHLer at best. The jury is still out on Jonathan Dahlen...time will tell. My opinion is that the Ottawa Senator mgmt group did not give up a potential future Star for Alex Burrows. LMK if still unsure what was I saying..and I'll break it down even further for you. Thank you for your insightful post and continued contributions to the forum.
  10. Obviously meant prospects camp...was invisible even playing along side Petterson good insight by you though...thanks for contribution
  11. I said it the day of the trade and will say it again now..... Doug Wilson did not give up a TOP prospect for Jannik Hansen. They knew Goldie a lot better than we did thru having him in their organization... He and the Sharks obviously saw what we now see.... I hope Jonathan Dahlen isn't the same story....but fear he may be. He does seem to have more support in becoming an impact NHLer league wide than Goldie did. However...based on limited look during prospects camp...will remain pessimistic. For the same reasons as Goldie. We didn't get "the next big thing" from Ottawas mgmt group ...for Alex Burrows.
  12. The whole Patrick Roy departure likely still has a lingering effect..... Was a big personality,,,sure he had his supporters (including Duchene likely) From 112 pts a couple yrs ago to this ...
  13. Juolevi Sutter Dorsett..... (doubt Colo would do it) Always felt the latter 2 carry negative value. May be early to give up on Juolevi, but he just doesn't project as a #1 franchise type defenceman.... May well be a steady 2-3 guy for a decade at the very top end,,,but also may fall short of that. Taking Sutters 4.5 and Dorsetts 2.5...we could cover Duchenes cap hit and hopefully extend him. This ownership/management group is never going to buy into the tank to rebuild program...nor are the current draft rules gonna allow it. Matt Duchene makes us a much better team today... It could be ugly this year if the Sedins continue their sharp unfortunately, their ages project them to do. Curious what people feel has more value... Juolevi or next years 1st... assuming Jake is below both...
  14. Really don't see us being able to match some of the other teams offers... All our 2nd tier players.... Baer, Granlund,Hutton,Gudbranson,Sutter,eithergoalie,Dorsett have very little value league wide. Our FA's ...Gagne,Vanek,Del Zotto.Erix have basically GMs gonna trade for a guy they could've had for free. Who does that leave ...Sedins Edler won't leave Tanev...prob a little old for Colo's timeline. Think Stetchers worth more to us than his trade value Leaves our last 5 1st rounders and next years. Doubt have interest in Demko.. Just don't see any possible deal much as would like to acquire Duschene. Wouldn't mind overpaying a bit if they took Sutters 4.5 in deal. Would fill a void till Petterson (hopefully) is ready.