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  1. It is well known that Gillman was against these signings, and was seen by Benning as not being "on the same page" as him.
  2. If you'd read my post....I said could turn out to be accurate. First thing I would do is find someone (Lawrence Gillman comes to mind) who has a clue about players contract values, and how to manage a salary cap. Sbisa Dorsett Sutter Markstrom Erikkson Are all grossly overpaid. His strengths appear to be in drafting( although, despite the hype...none have done a thing at NHL level yet). Overpaying all these players will make it impossible to become an elite team anytime soon.
  3. This article may turn out to be very accurate. Time will tell...there was no other team willing to give Erikkson 36m over 6 years. Was a substantial over payment for an aging player. Gudbranson....we'll see. There are a lot of knowledgeable hockey people who feel he is no better than a 4-5 dman. He is not a 5m "top" guy moving forward. McCann is a young guy w/offensive potential, on a dirt cheap contract for the next few years. Markstrom contract was as stupid as the Sbisa/Dorsett deals ....he still hasn't proven that he can be a top #1 goalie in this league. There will be "loads" of goalies available next summer leading into the expansion draft. What was the hurry ??? Great deal for Markstrom camp. I don't think the people outside of Vancouver see the thought process behind working to be a team fighting for the 8th playoff spot for the next 5 years. Truth be told, that's exactly what we are.
  4. We should be looking to pick up a 4th "protect able" dman from a team who can't. There's no forwards other than Bo that likely will be worth protecting. Mark my the end of this season no one will be opposed to losing Sutter and his 4.4m salary.
  5. This is very close to how I see our lines. Horvat is in every way a better #2 than Sutter. This teams fortunes are very closely correlated to the extent to which Bo improves the next couple years. I, personally am a huge Horvat fan, and can see him developing into a #1A C in this league. It's interesting that neither of us see Dorsett or Sbisa as part of the core line up. These two contracts were likely part of the reason Gillman was fired (disagreed with them). Just when I find myself becoming a fan of Benning, I think back to how bad these looked at the could he not see the same thing...when everybody else could ?? The other huge wild card is Virtanen....does he come to camp a different player and inpact the top 6 (or be used in a trade to up end the top 6). IMO Jake would look great with the 2 veterans Sutter and Burrows. Also, hope Rodin is a top 6/9 guy. If Juolevi impresses, and can play w/Gudbranson...would be all over something like Virtanen and Hutton for Landeskog The scariest part about next season to me is the confidence being shown in Rodin,Hutton,Larsen and to a certain extent Gudbranson. A lot of "ifs"
  6. I think our PP will unfortunately be even worse this year. While there have been many positive moves made to improve the team, management has failed to address the need for a RH shooting scorer to play on PP w/the Sedins. Even if Larsen is able to take over on the pt....still think the unit runs much better w/a RH shot on the off wing. Henrik has always set up along the Rt most LH centermen do. Kesler was the perfect compliment ...either coming in from the point or slot. Hopefully Boeser will be able to fill that role at one pt. I'd offer Vrbata a contract for no other reason the PP and shootouts.
  7. Buffalo laughs at that. Sbisa w/his contract would likely clear waivers at this point.
  8. Would love to see him get a legit look QBing our PP. Take a look at him paired with Trymakin or take some shifts as 4th line RWer. Think would be good to have a 7th D dressed to slide back for penalties and in game injuries.
  9. After seeing the lack of interest he is getting on the FA market...what choice does he have ?
  10. I may be in the minority, but if Vrbata wanted to return with a good attitude on a 1 yr deal, I would take the chance. -His value is at an all time low..and needs a good season to regain his perceived value. -Gives Virtanen,Baer and Rodin a chance to grow into a top 6/9 role, without long commitment. -Who the hell is going to take our shootouts this season ?? -Also feel the Sedins need a RH sniper to maximize their effectiveness on the PP. 1yr...2.4m
  11. I think a trade around Virtanen for Kane is probably worth the risk. A 4th overall for a 6th overall. I think Virtanen could really be exposed as a "less than" elite player this year. There are clearly some holes in his game, that he may or may not improve upon. If the Sabres were willing to take a larger contract from us in addition(Sbisa, Burrows or Dorsett), I would prob take the chance. SEDIN SEDIN HANSEN KANE HORVAT ERIKSSON BAER SUTTER BURROWS/ RODIN isn't a bad top 9....
  12. Bit of a gamble by both sides...think much more so "management". I'm still not sold on Marky as a top 10 #1 guy in this league. If he plays lites out and supplants Miller as #1, we probably saved .75-1m. If he craps the bed,he is prob gonna be a career back up, and we overpaid by 1.25-1.75 million. Don't forget this is a guy who cleared waivers a little over a year ago. Hope I'm wrong...really like the guy, and his size. It would be great to have a starter at that price tag.
  13. We should never consider trading a first round pick. They carry so much more value than they have in the past in "salary cap worth". You get a top 6 or 9 guy playing at at an "entry level" salary...rather than 3-6m. IMO..need to try to add at least 1 of these a year to go with a 4th line earning < 1m each to be successful in todays game. 3 guys entry level 3 -4 bridge deals 4th liners....<1 m 5-8th D........ 8-1.5m/each avg
  14. The more you see of these trade proposals ....why did we let Hamhuis leave ?? Could of had a veteran top 4/5 guy for prob 3m dollars, who really wanted to be here. Makes no sense.... Rather have Edler and current W or Hamhuis and Landeskog (for example) ?
  15. Please no...unless at a "back ups" salary. (no more than 3m) It's way to early... I'm still not completely sold on Marky as a #1. Sure he played 15-20 solid games for us. He is not a top 10 goalie in this league IMO. There are way too many good goalies available. There will be a bunch more available super cheap after the season leading into the expansion draft. It will be probably be the best goalie market ever available in the NHL. Take advantage of a good situation for change Jimbo.