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  1. As a few have touched on ...the only FA's we should approach are stop gap guys in the 1-3m range that can by moved to the highest bidder at the TDL for 2/3/4 round picks. Franson,Vanek etc.. Teams have more Cap room and are only assuming a portion of the contract. Listening to interviews....Benning really wants to give Juolevi every chance to make the team.
  2. Your not wrong at all in this assessment...was to the point. Benning seems too much like a "follower" based on his public comments and the way he has gone about trying to build the team. He will always be chasing the top teams and never be one of the top teams. If Cgy and Nashville make the Conf finals next year, he will scrap everything and try and build around 4 great Dmen...just the way he is. "The way the league is going" ....we'll be told.
  3. Arizona is in no where near the disarray reported... Unfortunately, they will beat Canucks by 10+ points this year, and have one of the top prospect pools in the league.
  4. Has nothing to do with his name... He has shown a great ability to QB a PP at ever level he's played. We need someone to QB our PP..find a way to make it work Or at least try it... Teams dressed 7 D several times in the playoffs..If he struggles in other areas...protect his mins.
  5. I believe you're correct in that assessment. Hows that working so far ?
  6. 5-6 mins/gm QBing #1 PP...he seems to have a real gift in this role 4-5 mins/gm on PK as a fwd 5-6 mins/gm hiding on our 4th line ?? Fill in on D... Then u should be much more concerned with honing your math skills than trollng fan sites.
  7. At 4.4m/yr ...I'm pretty sure they wouldn't.
  8. I love it when keyboard jockeys who have never formulated an original thought on their own troll boards and criticize others. Guys like you add so much to these forums...
  9. Did u even read the post ?
  10. Like the idea...Sutter doesn't bring back squat though. Be hard pressed to find a team to take him for free and assume that contract. All for Tanev and/or Edler for a shot at "elite" young talent/picks.
  11. When Benning first arrived, he spoke of emulating the big tuff Boston model and proceeded to take Jake Virtanen with his first pick and "attempted" to load up with "Super Sized" Chara type Dmen to fill out our back end, Now it appears with the recent success of the Penguins..., according to Benning "the league is going to a smaller quicker speed game". We're now looking for Dmen than can make the quick 1st pass and join the rush and smaller forwards with speed. I know has been suggested here in the past...but why not be a little innovative and create a role for a player like Jordan Subban. A RH shooting PP specialist is one of the glaring weaknesses of this team.....and he cant even get a look ? Makes no sense to me that we have a player with a very unique skill set and can't use him ?. If he can't play defense ??..then Make him a member of our 9-10 min/gm 4th line. Maybe teach him to be a PK "Forward" 5-6 mins/gm QBing #1 PP...he seems to have a real gift in this role 4-5 mins/gm on PK as a fwd 5-6 mins/gm hiding on our 4th line ?? Fill in on D... Not to mention the many games that we lose a dMan early in the game to an injury or penalty. I'm sure he could be a spot fill in when deployed correctly. Seems like he could become a real asset to the team.. People r so set on their AV "Roll 4 lines" mind set's ridiculous. Every game presents a different set of variables/match ups. NFL is a perfect example, with the new trend towards players who can play multiple positions, depending of the game situation or need. Seems absolutely absurd not to give him a look running our PP...Whats the harm/downside ? Be a little innovative and not just a follower....both GM and coach
  12. Lions first roar was in '54
  13. See what it takes to get Theodore ...
  14. Virtanen will never play with the twins....has looked completely out of place every shift with them. They need a cerebral player with speed who can cycle and retrieve pucks... Have said many times, I really like rotating players with them during a game. Thinks creates match up problems for the opposition (maybe not as much now as they've slowed down...but always thought different looks from them was beneficial) Eriksson Bo Boeser Sedin Sedin Sutter Baer Granlund Rodin/Virt/Dorsett/Boucher R/V/D/B Gaunce R/V/D/B Goldie/Dahlen ??Cram *Sutter still plays a lot of C (PK/Def siyuations/certain match ups) **if no trades Edler Stetcher Juolevi Tanev Hutton Gudbran (Pedan/Subban/ Mc) Markstrom Bachman