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  1. Think we should start a pool in here on the date Goldy will be called up... IMO will signal the realization by TG and management that there will be no playoffs this year I'll take mid December.
  2. No garbage at all... was just kinda curious when pointed out ...that first the posts were deleted then thread was closed..
  3. Wow...a dept now.. huh ? Sounds pretty serious.. I guess the "top dog" or "Chairman" of Homeland Security or Player Safety wouldn't carry near the clout or prestige
  4. All the work ethic, system etc etc is well and good.. They are probably our only 2 legitimate top echelon offensive players. If we enter a shootout with anyone but these 2 going 1-2 ...Green will drop a notch in my heavy praise of him.
  5. Tuff'll get nothing but ridiculed in here. Who the hell are they mentoring ? Is this who you want your youth to emulate at this stage of their careers ? Long shifts...very little compete ?
  6. Arriving late to the party....whats DoPs ?
  7. Ever since I pointed out that they're the same poster...someone keeps deleting my posts Just watch ???WTF
  8. Why are all my posts disappearing ?
  9. Like the Habs did with PK...honestly looked like he was trying to hit someone w/shot
  10. Hutton has really had a tough start to the season...think rode the "what a great surprise" card for a year or 2. Really has never done anything "remarkable" To JBs credit (which I don't do often)....sounds like he has been trying hard to move him the past couple seasons. If I make my signature.."Cwidden and Caruth are the same poster" this in violation of forum rules ?
  11. Very disappointing game ... BTW...just had a thread closed by a moderator named Monty for showing that Cwidden and Caruth are the same poster. Did I violate some kind of forum rule ? Thanks...
  12. Are you watching videos or researching who were the heads of Securacom ?
  13. Do you want some eye witness accounts from people who worked in the towers ? or just let me do all the work for you ?
  14. The name of the firm was Securacom ... I'm making this way too easy...
  15. Or I can give you your 1st clue now...almost bed time for me Try to research who held the Twin Tower security contracts in the months leading up to sept 11. 2001