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  1. Can't seem to post links here.. Google.... JP Morgan (Chase bank) buys up the 25 top newspapers. That was just the start ...they now own every newspaper and network, as well as Reuters and AP. Everything you hear, see and read in the media is what they want you to. Unfortunately, this is how a great deal of our population gain their so called "knowledge"
  2. All the major main stream media outlets are owned at the very top by the exact same people. They are the same people who are behind the central banks that now control basically every country in the world. Anything you hear or read you can be assured has their spin or is out and out fabricated. Fake news isn't a Donald had been prevalent in all western countries for decades. From buying up all the prominent newspapers in the 20's and placing their "editors" in each to todays complete control over AP/Reuters and all the major networks... Go online and research anything that is reported...from reasons for war, shootings,rebellions, depressions etc. We are NEVER told the true story...yet this is how 98% of us gain our knowledge and form our opinions on events. Scary Rather than make fun of it like you've been programmed to do...actually take that time to research some of the topics.
  3. Loui will be our most improved player this year IMO... Probably our most talented forward with Bo...would like to see them play together, with Boeser getting the first look on RW. Boeser playing w/ 2 really responsible 2 way players could make for a decent #1 line the next couple years.
  4. wow...thanks for your insightful input. Love the trolls on this site.
  5. For Benning to be doing a great job...a lot of those prospects will need to become stars far zero have had any NHL success. If you take Benning at his word, and the goal was to stay competitive and retool on the fly, while fighting for a playoff birth... then he has failed miserably. After 3 yrs at the helm... we were the 2nd worst team in the league last year. We were also the least entertaining to watch probably... He has overpaid in each of his contract negotiations w/the exception of Tanev, Dorsett Sbisa... Sutter...too much for a 3rd line C Eriksson .....only team in the league that would give 6x6...couldn't give him away today Miller.....was way overpayed when had absolutely no competition for his services Markstrom...too much for a guy who has never been more than a back up... Thought Gagne maybe 2m-2.5, Nillson maybe 1m (where else was he gonna sign ??) He doesn't seem to have a pulse on the value of players within the league, and the concept of supply and demand. I think he failed miserably in the Kesler trade, the Vey trade,the Sutter trade,the Clendening trade and the Gudbranson trade. Did Ok on Baer for a 2nd maybe, and Granlund for Shink was a win (think Weisbrod made this one) Everyone points to the Burrows and Hansen trades as being his shining moment...and I hope they are I have more faith in SJ and Ottawa's ability to assess these 2 players after having them in their system. That they were willing to part with them for 3-4 liners in a playoff run speaks volumes to me. I hope I am wrong and Goldie,Dahlen,Virtanen,Demko,Juolevi,Boeser et al all become stars...but as we sit here today, after 3 yrs in charge... we are arguably the worst team in the league. (and probably the hardest to watch) He is constantly ranked dead last in any consensus poll of hockey "experts", although I take this with a grain of salt. Again...we suck after 3 years and are pinning our optimism on completely unproven players. CDC posters had Cole Cassels written in stone as our answer to shutting Connor McDavid for the next decade at this time last year. Hardly what I would call "a great job"... I'd give him a D (up from F before this yrs trade deadline and draft)......but could improve if all these guys pan out.
  6. Think way too early to even guess...I honestly believe that they don't even know at this point. There's really no point in even speculating...
  7. Gaudette's gonna be 21 in a couple months.... time to sign a contract and turn pro to see what we have. Older than Boeser/Virtanen...just 6 months younger than Bo. Don't see the advantage of playing vs 17-18 yr olds in college for another yr. Kesler 2.0 or Cole Cassels ? Looked real good the other nite...
  8. Benning will overpay like he always does... I see 8 x 6.625 53 Million dollar contract to match his #. Think Bo will earn every penny.
  9. The Leafs aren't trading Nylander....and despite all the speculation, can not believe that JVR would waive for VCR. Without $$ coming back...they couldn't fit Tanev anyways,
  10. Expect big bounce back year from Eriksson who's still a very talented, defensively responsible Winger. Definitely should be in our top 6 and IMO could really benefit Boeser Eriksson Horvat Boeser (think could be our top line for 2-3 yrs) Sedin Sedin Sutter... time to earn your $$ line Baer Granlund/Gagner (interchangeable) **Could chip in w/some good 3rd line production(Baer and Granlund where they belong) 4th line....lots of options Gaunce/Burmis/Goldy/Boucher/Rodin -Virt(thinks starts in utica) -Dorsett..Hope retires or LTIR
  11. Ya...but not if they've identified Tanev as their missing piece. Don't know who else is available that can fill that role.. -They have to free up room (JVR) -We need something of value to us..
  12. Can't wait for school to start back up...get lost
  13. They have to clear room for Tanev, and this is how they likely want to do it. Players a yr away from UFA carry a lot less value... would only be a rental for us. Think would be a real good trade if JVR and Liljegren. JVR would fetch a nice return at deadline also.. Likely be turning Tanev into 2 high draft picks
  14. Don't crap on anyone....pot/kettle...that's you dude That and never a single insightful post... Don't like my posts...don't read them....and don't bother responding to them either. Could give a rats ass your opinion.