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  1. What you don't understand is it doesn't matter if the goalies have a strong head on their shoulders. The media lives for this stuff. It's like Round 2 for them of a similar situation. Each game they are going to really laying it into Torts til he finally does lose it. You guys have a thread asking about the problems with the Sedins. They are leading your team in points. It seems the problem isn't in goal or the Sedins but more like the system that isn't working for the team.
  2. Personally I think the Canucks just need the right coach to motivate his players. I'm an Avalanche fan and I don't think anyone thought we would do what we are doing with Roy behind the bench. The players have bought into his system and that is a huge thing. I don't think Torts is the type of coach that knows how to coach with what he has in front of him. He'd rather instead change a team more to his liking. If the team doesn't buy into it then you got trouble. Also I feel quite bad for Luongo not getting the start. They really do need to move him or the circus will probably never end.