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  1. Why we still compare with the Ehlers is confusing, we have another Ehlers like player in Shinkaruk. Virtanen's top ceiling would be a jeff carter on the wing and I'm fine with that
  2. For Virtanen and McCann's ceiling I see a Jeff Carter and a fusion of Mike Richards/Joe Pavelski
  3. Spoke with him yesterday for a while. A little bit about himself and then talked about Leon Draisitl I asked him if he thinks there'll be any chance Draisitl returns to the Raiders and Mac started raving how good he was, I asked him how he compared with Bo siz/skill wise and he said LD was definitely a loy bigger and ready for the jump, real key guy in their line up (which we all know hehe)
  4. So he left back for Russia already.. I think I heard he'll be back next year (I assume Summer is what they meant) (I was at the ubc rink Thursday)
  5. Heard his attitude rubs people the wrong way Left off TC's summer development camp Hopefully he makes a name for himself upto November and makes TC :D
  6. at the end of all this, it's really Ritchie/Nylander with the the 6th pick at 50/50 Note this: this is a ranking of prospects, and not a mock draft.
  7. Dream on if you think we're close to winning the cup. He's also been assistant coach & associate coach previously
  8. The obvious names I'm seeing from media sources would be 2 of Sheanhan/Tatar/Jurco I would love Almquist
  9. Follow up with Hope Smoke / Corey Pronman / Bob McKenzie's twitter - Ekblad is the only Elite Star prospect out of this bunch of kids. Tell me why Bennett & Reinhart didn't get granted exceptional status either, which said something about the guy since day 1 If Kesler wasnt wanting out I'd take Ekblad in a heartbeat
  10. Drop Cannata to the ECHL for more play time, assign Markstrom & Eriksson to the AHL and Lack/Lindback duo for the Canucks... Mmmm how Swede is that?
  11. Back onto this Kesler topic & not 1st overall & Bo Horvat... I'd be disappointed if these are actually the only two teams he's willing to go to. What Anaheim can offer is really going to be able to help set up our future guys. That 10th pick gets me excited if Virtanen drops (I expect so based on whatever reports mynhlmockdraft.com has received" As much as I hate watching him go to a Pacific division/longtime dynasty rival I would really want what's best for our team. I just don't have full trust in TT based on hos several games this year, and in several years (if we keep him around) Gaunce could be Sutter. Subban might become a Pouliot and all these log jams will exist. Where as Etem & Palmeiri could fill some holes next season.
  12. "Johnston" doesn't want assistant coach job And I'm just gonna take anything Kevin Weekes say with a grain of salt until further confirmed
  13. after watching what Jeff Carter has done in this post-season I'm leaning on Virtanen, might never be as strong of a goal scorer as Mantha but... yeah.
  14. Palmeiri Perreault Ana 1st 2014 ++ Gillis wanted Rakell
  15. how many chin ups did Ehlers do?