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  1. Zach Bogosian
  2. @KThakur20 has arrived to CDC everybody .. HAHA fml.
  3. KBM you're overreacting and blowing things up around here like I forgot his ID name when the draft was incoming and all he cared about was defending his stance on Ehlers Get some viagra, have some fun. Relaaaax. It's a discussion forum and not a high school debate club hehe
  4. No contract space That's the hold up
  5. This ain't 2011
  6. As fans I think we should support Bo rather than doubt because we're no judges, no scouts, no decision makers. The team will do what's best for his progress whether it's the O, N or Euro leagues. We can discuss all possibilities and outcomes but at the end of the day it's all sharing thoughts and no need to get all rattled up about it.
  7. It's not all about Burke. It's the coach's style too. We know what he's like after the bruhaha with Torts. Bob Hartley had the same cold expression as Marc did after thr Bertuzzi incident on the ice.. Back on topic - they remind me of a Nashville team from 2010-2011, instead of playing hard defense this Lames team will play strong forecheck and it'll be tiring to play against. You might see all these guys with tough rep on their team atm bht don't forget their skilled boys in Backlund Monahan Gaudreau Bennett in their system, size in Colborne and other 3rd line guys, speed and skill in Raymond and Hudler... don't under estimate this team. Their d-core ain't the prettiest with Giordano, Wideman, Brodie, Englland, Russell, Smid but I would already cheer for Lames for the Oilers if I really had to
  8. Why we still compare with the Ehlers is confusing, we have another Ehlers like player in Shinkaruk. Virtanen's top ceiling would be a jeff carter on the wing and I'm fine with that
  9. For Virtanen and McCann's ceiling I see a Jeff Carter and a fusion of Mike Richards/Joe Pavelski
  10. Spoke with him yesterday for a while. A little bit about himself and then talked about Leon Draisitl I asked him if he thinks there'll be any chance Draisitl returns to the Raiders and Mac started raving how good he was, I asked him how he compared with Bo siz/skill wise and he said LD was definitely a loy bigger and ready for the jump, real key guy in their line up (which we all know hehe)
  11. So he left back for Russia already.. I think I heard he'll be back next year (I assume Summer is what they meant) (I was at the ubc rink Thursday)
  12. Heard his attitude rubs people the wrong way Left off TC's summer development camp Hopefully he makes a name for himself upto November and makes TC :D
  13. at the end of all this, it's really Ritchie/Nylander with the the 6th pick at 50/50 Note this: this is a ranking of prospects, and not a mock draft.
  14. Dream on if you think we're close to winning the cup. He's also been assistant coach & associate coach previously
  15. The obvious names I'm seeing from media sources would be 2 of Sheanhan/Tatar/Jurco I would love Almquist