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  1. No one else is happy that we have a ufc fighter on our team ? We're like the hood rats now
  2. Weber is fine, he's just injured..
  3. Diaz was brought in so Edler could be moved. ROR is free to be moved in march I believe ?
  4. Nate Diaz ! We can finally win some fights around here
  5. This guy is screwed. He's going to be victim to so many secondary pathologies. It's a hip labral tear people. Weight bearing is gonna be a bitch. He's my favorite prospect, so all the best to him. He just needs the best remedial exercise and therapy he can get.
  6. Why can't people accept that the two players will be dominant forces in the nhl. This nichushkin kid ain't Crosby he's not gonna get 70 point his first season so stfu
  7. Bo Knows.
  8. Lets give the job to Bure Trades the Sedins Trades our defensemen Gives Kesler a bonus Acquires Ovechkin ( THIS IS FIRST ON THE LIST ) Puts zherdev in line and signs him Trades for nishuskin Trades for yakupov Trades for galchenyuk Signs kovalchuk
  9. GMMG needs to be given more time, we have to be patient.
  10. This please
  11. Carlsburg is pretty good
  12. I've heard that somewhere else too ! What is that ?
  13. Okay, so what type of beer do you like... ....that isn't common ? Common - Bud Canadian MGD Kokanee Corona
  14. MSG for sigs. Would like credit please, thanks

    1. Gustavo Fring

      Gustavo Fring

      I want a sig with penises. lots and lots of penises.

    2. Shredder


      You'd Gus, just go cut some one else's penis off and frame it

  15. Look at where MacK is.. Relax , have these players are going in the 1st round on next years draft