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  1. That's ridiculous. Hockey is a sport where opposition matters as well as your teammates. In your diving board analogy the water/board isn't actively going against his flips.
  2. I'm betting he scores about 25 goals this season and scores his first by game 4
  3. 1. McCann wasn't the same year as Kylington. Also, Bonino for Sutter hasn't shown what Sutter can do, but Bonino has a nice new Stanley cup ring that he was instrumental in. Not all of JB's moves have been gems
  4. I like how for the whole season everyone talks about how almost no #1 d-man is drafted in the first round and now everyone is calling him a #1 right away.
  5. I thought that the Oilers said they wouldn't move the pick for a defenceman unless it was Subban or Weber
  6. I've got a strong feeling Benning moves Subban.
  7. What are the odds that the Oilers take PLD? I know they're stocked up with centers but PLD was a natural winger and did well at C so he could take draws? Just wondering, I really want PLD over MT.
  8. Thats exactly what we said about Prust joining last year. Lets hope we see a different story play out this season.
  9. Goddamn, Rypien could throw em
  10. I hope Green stays with Utica this next year and we send McCann down to get time with him. Love McCann's game and grit but he needs to get tougher and seasoned. Meanwhile, we aquire a top 10 pick again
  11. I'm not so stoked on Dubois. He's really climbed the rankings late in the season and it would suck to take a higher pick that went on a hot streak.
  12. Really good insight. These kind of facts have helped me with my fear of Demko splitting. Solid post, Jazz!
  13. As a pessimist I would fear it would also mean he was choosing to go as an UFA the following summer. I don't have the trust some of y'all do.
  14. I went to see the Blues vs. Canucks in January of 2012 when the Nucks won 3-2 in overtime and a blues fan harrased my friend in his Canuck jersey and I almost fought him. Nucks became my team at that point.
  15. This. So much This.