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  1. Gustav Forsling Talk

    Unrelated, but happy birthday Pimp C! You would have been 41 today.
  2. [Report] President Trevor Linden

    Anyone have any idea if changing GMs affects 'No Trade' or 'No Movement' clauses?
  3. [GDT] Nashville Predators vs Vancouver Canucks | SNET-P | 7:00 PM|

    Deniro, see what Higgyfan said.
  4. [GDT] Nashville Predators vs Vancouver Canucks | SNET-P | 7:00 PM|

    Did anyone else hear Gary Valk say that Kassian has been the best player on the ice for both teams? Anyone else continue to think Gary Valk is full of it?
  5. [GDT] MTL - 2/6/2014 - 4:30PM

    I'm pumped for this game! Montreal is my second favourite team not only because I used to live there but because I like the personnel and their style of play. The Bell Centre is an awesome place to take in a game. Also, my Dad and his friend flew out there this morning to follow the Canucks for the end of this road trip. They are both celebrating milestone birthdays and are huge Canuck fans, so they've been planning this road trip for a while. Because of the way they've been playing they brought with them a couple Canuck-blue paper bags (in jest, mostly), so hopefully the team brings it tonight and they dont have to wear them!! GO CANUCKS GO
  6. [OFFICIAL] Canucks Injury Thread

    ^^ What he said... Balls.
  7. [GDT] Chicago Blackhawks vs Vancouver Canucks - Jan 29, 2014

    5 hits, a concussion, and then you buy a Florida Panther jersey.
  8. [Lebrun] Canucks want a Center

    They arent giving us Duchene or Mackinnon, so... Edler for Stastny? Tanev+ for O'Reilly?
  9. [RUMOURS] Daily TSN Trade Rumours.

    Getting Ott would seal Schroeder's fate for this season at least. Ott provides a gritty, depth centre for a playoff run. He does not provide any real offence which is what we have more of a need for (considering the grit we saw last night). I would much rather we go after Ladd.
  10. PGT van loses to queens

    Except what is the purpose of getting those points and getting into the playoffs if we cannot play a grittier, playoff-style game? Kind of putting the cart before the horse, no?
  11. [GDT] Semifinal • Jan. 4 • Canada vs. Finland • 10:00 AM PT

    What does that say about Horvat? He's not even one of the best offensive forwards on an offensively weak team. That sucks.
  12. [GDT] VAN vs DAL - 12/19/13 - 5:30PM

    Did you even watch the replay? Stanton was going down akwardly a bit already and the guy just kinda touched his shoulder. I thought it looked dirty in real time too, but on second look I dont even think that was worth a penalty. It really is too bad, Stanton has been killing it.
  13. The Whisky (Whiskey) thread

    Really? No one knows the Shebeen Room at the back of the Irish Heather? Amazing selection of whiskies at decent prices (a lot of drams are less than $15)
  14. The Whisky (Whiskey) thread

  15. If you show up drunk, don't bother showing up at all.

    TL, DR. Thought this was going to be about booty calls.