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  1. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    Not sure this is the culture, GMJB and Linden wanted the rookies to develop in.
  2. How am I wrong exactly? I said he could have benefited from more time in the AHL, whether or not it was an option is irrelevant, this is only speculation.
  3. 36 games dispersed between NHL callups (one desperation callup during playoffs) probably isn't enough time to get back his confidence.
  4. Don't forgot to add, potentially, Anton Rodin to the mix!
  5. Probably some residual from the impact of Linden Vey last season causing some more aggressive naysaying.
  6. Reading this, you get the sense that even this season Baertschi might have been rushed to make the Canucks roster. Imagine if they had let him build his confidence for at least half a season working with Travis Green, probably would have done wonders for his confidence. Though one might wonder how Shinkaruk's current development might have been affected.
  7. That's why you use sample size and statistics to make predictions. No one knows anything going forward, that's why comparisons and statistics are being used to try and gain some clarity on Baertschi's development.
  8. He can't play 82 games, because he's already had scratches... Do you not understand J.R.'s statistical methodology?
  9. Who is Bartshi? Did the Canucks make a trade I don't know about?
  10. Daniel & Henrick

    It's honestly concerning, to think what this team will be when they retire. Is this team going to be half as enjoyable to watch? Where is the offense going to come from?  Not much of a transition year, more like the Sedin show.
  11. [PGT] Nux 6-3 Hawks. Hat gate game

    Didn't Hansen get a hat trick against the Blackhawks last season too? Think Canucks are the only team in the NHL that has routinely had the Blackhawks' number for the last 4 seasons (since 2011 series one). Also Burrows' breakaway slapper attempt brought back some good memories.
  12. I'm unfamiliar with Hamonic. Why do we want him so badly?
  13. Virtanen and to a lesser extent, McCann, have made mistakes that directly led to goals against, yet there are given far better treatment than Baertschi. Which is great, because you know, going from being mishandled by the Flames to being mishandled by the Canucks surely couldn't affect his confidence. As well, can any of the biggest Baertschi critics offer any reason as to not have him, a pure offensive winger, on the abysmal 2nd powerplay unit?  That to me screams the loudest at how well he's being utilized thus far. /biased But this has easily been the most frustrating point of this season for me.
  14. [PGT] Nucks 3, Habs 4

    Think vets will be moved if things don't pick up, this isn't a winning environment with them on the team so why should they stay?