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  1. never sedins are canucks for life
  2. exactly what i was saying
  3. like i said if we are going to be a bottom tier team why not just bruise up every team that faces us atleast we will have some exciting hockey to watch instead of the same old style we been stuck with for years. atleast we can bring some kind of noise.
  4. tier* thx boss
  5. lol fkn A man just giver woooòohooòooo
  6. who says im jumping lol
  7. lets change up our team strategy and trade the sedins trade edler fire willie bring in some bone crushing players so we have some ass kicking bone crunching hits to entertain us.that atleast might help fill the seats.
  8. ok these last few years are really pissing me off
  9. i love the sedins but they are not willing to sacrifice their body is all im saying and that what we need from the whole team not just our bottom feeders
  10. we made it to the scf from guys that broke their backs for us not because of the sedins. kesler,torres,burr and kb3 got is there sure sedins scored but if we didnt have these guys we wouldnt of made it passed 2nd round anyone of these guys were not in our line up haha im drunk dont make any sence see u tomorrow
  11. so the sedins have it in them to win a cup do they well where is it its to late thier ship has sailed
  12. trade him to florida let luongo have another pout
  13. hahaha since when did they play for us? im talking about our sedins bud
  14. so points is all that matters in playoffs lol our sweds are just to soft.
  15. well where are they when it comes down to it? not giving it all thats for sure