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  1. never sedins are canucks for life
  2. horvat at 1:07? lol
  3. yep bure was entertaining alright.
  4. crazy how everyone was so pissed at the time we traded coho!! look at him now and his whopping 3 points in 28 games -11. gillis did this right atleast
  5. now how can i use this as my sig?
  6. miller time sig please im not fussy
  7. We'll he knows winning gold is not in his reach so has to TRY and chase the cup lol
  8. Kes is out of here well let's go nucks new faces new time new vibe go nucks go Jim benning done well IMO
  9. I Could be for spezza rumour is they got two good offers for spezza
  10. 22 gonna be ok?
  11. No kidding he knows he was a dump truck and just trying to save face. Torts gots to go
  12. lol why? are you happy
  13. yeah i agree that dude works hard. keep him another year.
  14. Lol pj is a female truth
  15. Anyone know when that clown who injured sedin gets to have a chat with Brendan Shanahan?