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  1. wow 17 years have past and the dynamics of how they pulled that off STILL make my head spin. LOL take solace in the fact that not every #1 pick is a sound pick, case in point....Patrik Stefan yes we've had heart break thru the years, but...We are all Canucks! Our day will come.
  2. Our new first line

    2017/2018 Goldobin Horvat Baer Sedin Sedin Eriksson (if yer moving the twins for the reasonings given, then play Loui with them. they have the most chemistry) Virtanen Sutter Granlund Archibald (his time has come unless we can get another Swede) Dahlen Rodin
  3. (Discussion) Canucks Deja Vu

    Well you had credibility on the original post until you said this... oh and Mods could you please delete some of these troll posts....i'd rather see those annoying armchair coaching line projections then these mustache posts.
  4. Same Problem for 5 years and Counting...

    it's not that they are snakebitten, its a long season and they are being called up on to be top tier guys. None of them are top 6...(talking about the forwards here not Hutton)...Horvat could some day, but these players are all 3 liners at best right now...albeit very good 3rd liners...but we need some legit scorers that can also bang...really surprised the Tre Croner line hasnt done much better, but we need for sure a nasty left wing for line 2 to compliment Sutter (someone wake him up the season's started) and Hansen, if we are going to be playing hank/dank/louie as our top line....but it wont happen. but hey we have some of the best 3rd liners in the league.
  5. [PGT] Capitals @ Canucks

    Save your breath, he was probably 4 years old in '97.
  6. Same Problem for 5 years and Counting...

    ok the season is not even 10 games in, we are in the middle of the pack, and already people are throwing in the proverbial towel and banking on prospects and hoping for a top 10 pick??? Great yeah let's start wishing on a star that this Boeser kid makes it to the big time then all of you can start trashing him when he goes 10 games and only has 2 points...oh and lets wait another 5 years for that top 10 pick to finally get up to the Nucks so we can start picking him apart too. We need a left wing big scorer like right now to play with Sutter and Hansen on line 2. we have a top line that yes should be a 2nd line but we don't have a line good enough to put on line 1...oh and news flash, the Twins will end up retiring "TOGETHER" so where as teams are usually in mourning for their HOF player calling it a career, we are going to be down a #1 Center and winger right off the bat. So brace yourselves, and might as well start GMing it up now.... I'm just so sick of all the armchair GMing, the bashing of the coaching staff and the general nitpicking that CDC people do, its seriously mind bottling. so glad i don't live in Vancouver and have to hear this live too....however, i'm suspecting people in the really real world up in BC aren't really like this. they actually support their team and look at the current bright things we have to offer. Bash my post if you want i dont care, i've been a Nucks fan for 26 years and ive dealt with a lot of heart break and mediocre years, so some internet babies are not going to ruin my day. if you want to pick me apart....go nuts.
  7. Disgruntled Fan (Discussion)

    Answers in order of how they proposed: no and I don't feel we are being told untruths...do you have any idea all the things involved with running an organization? It's not just snap my fingers and get a top 6 two way winger like that. The goal is to make the playoffs so I don't understand your question. I don't believe Sven is worth all they hype the fans are giving him, however quite a few seem to like him, but I feel we could improve on that, but I never bashed the organization for acquiring him...the owners and GMs see things that we don't see, that's why they are the owners and GMs and we aren't. I strongly believe Etem is a good pickup for the 3rd line...and Granlund we'll have to see...I actually think he should be our 4th line center but again I'm not the GM. Perhaps they weren't what other teams were looking for. Every player has to fit into a certain criteria with a team. Our management felt that these players were a good fit, I support their decision. Sure we'd all love to have that top line winger or another Kessler...it just doesn't happen overnite. Patience my young Padawan...good things are yet to come. in regards to your last statement, again, its not about having players that other teams covet, its about retaining players that fit into the grand scheme of things. If you dissatisfied perhaps your fandom would to better on another team. Cheers
  8. Disgruntled Fan (Discussion)

    great just what the forum needs, another negative thread about the team. Way to get morale going and to rally the fans to support the organization.
  9. Retro Jersey Unveil (Feb 13 vs Leafs) - Bonus Jake pics!

    this makes me laugh, all these responses of "oh my gosh I have to get one." I still have my Bure jersey that I got in 1992 and its awesome looking still, however I feel old people throwing out the words vintage and retro...but what makes me laugh is back in the day Canucks fans couldn't stop complaining about how much they hated that jersey. My my how things change with the times...unless, ugly things as they get older look better? Hmmm I perhaps I should call Julie up from highschool.
  10. It's time to give Bo the 'A'

    Why did you wait until the point streak to make this post...if you really believed that he has been doing an impeccable job all season, then you should've made this thread while he was struggling.
  11. Should Miller Still Be Considered #1? (Article)

    Deb it's just like in American football...the QB gets injured, the backup is given a shot and does really well...controversy time...should this QB be a starter or could he be a starter on another team. I really like your view...the backup DID what he was paid to do, hold down the fort while the starter was out....very few people ever really see this, and that's what starts controversys...it boggles the mind. A backup is suppose to be dependable because eventually he may be called upon.
  12. Baertschi on 4th line

    Does the name Bo Horvat mean anything to you?
  13. Faith in Benning

    I'm the slow one? You're like Rainman without the math skills. Turn off your xbox and watch a game every now and then junior.
  14. Faith in Benning

    You have 29 other choices what's the problem? Feel free to jump off the bandwagon for some real fans. I also love how most of you are just posting and whining and not even reading other peoples posts that actually answer the questions that you are b!tching about. Go root for another team then if you're so disgusted. The real fans are here for the long haul.
  15. [Trade] Zack Kassian to Canadiens

    you are all b!tching about a 5th round pick?? Wow, if it was any higher I would expect more riots in Vancouver.