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  1. I have a couple of comments with regards to problems with fantasy hockey. I put my username into the search bar in the leaderboard page and it just goes to the last page. I noticed that when I went to my profile that the Canucks January 25/13 game my total points score was incorrect. I had Corey Schneider and Daniel Sedin on my roster both of whom were stars in the game but I wasn't awarded any points. Also Corey Schneider had the win and a shutout in that game but was shown as not getting the win or the shutout and again I was not credited any points. Looking at some others on the leaderboard they had the same problem with not being credited points for D. Sedin and C. Schneider being named stars of the game and Schneider not being credited with a win or shutout. Hopefully this will get rectified soon. Not much sense playing if the point scores are inaccurate.