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  1. next time use my whole quote, just dont take lil snippets to help your weak arguement " I want to make the playoffs every year and have a chance to win the Stanley Cup" " NHL is all about younger players, in order to have playoffs every year you must have a younger crop of players coming in" making the playoffs every yer is a long term goal we need picks toobesides this team is younger then last years. dorsett+burrows+hansen+sbisa are older then Lucic+Martin+eriksson+ehroff It's pretty simple, continue to draft and develop as best you can, fill holes through free agency as it makes sense.
  2. Higgins and vey dont count they are dead weight I took away 3 forwards and 1 dman and added 3 forwards and 1 dman why trade for pics -New NHL is all about younger players, in order to have playoffs every year you must have a younger crop of players coming in.( slowest trade deadline ever last season, even hamuis and Vrbata had no value) - the current Gm is great at drafting, use his skill set -This roster has 8 dman - this roster is to start the season, trade deadline is when you try to get depth from teams not making the playoffs. -trading away sbisa to make room for younger Dmen, the top 4 is set. brought in erhoff for insurance. and benning signed some collage dmen as insurance on the farm
  3. eradicate depth???..... I signed Martin and Erhoff, brought in a 30+ scorer in Erikkson and an all arounder in Lucic. no depth lost what so ever I think benning brought in guys like Dorsett , sbisa, Vey , and Etem because he knows regardless he can dump them for mid round pics when he wants to if they dont fit into his plans. Dorsett and sbisa's contracts are to high, we can get better depth at those prices or similar players for cheaper. there are other teams who are desperate for defense. and have to reach the cap minimum Burrows, Hansen, Dorsett, Vey, Higgins < Lucic, Erikkson, Martin, Ehroff
  4. I dont agree with rebuilding (loosing now to win later). Athletes play to win. I want to make the playoffs every year and have a chance to win the Stanley Cup, rather then have a better chance at #1 overall every year. -Lucic comes home, his childhood dream is to wear a canucks jersey -Lui Eriksson joins his fellow swedes to play for swedens favorite NHL team, and gives him a chance to stack his stats playing with the sedins. -Matt Martin is built for western conference hockey. The definition on Meat and Potatoes, definitely a prototype jim benning player -Ehrhoff is a veteran Dman with experience, that can go in and out of the lineup, PP specialist and has proven chemistry with the sedins, definently an upgrade on Yannik Webber. Free Agent Signings UFA YEARS CAP HIT Lucic, Milan 7 $6,500,000 Eriksson, Loui 2 $5,500,000 Ehrhoff, Christian 1 $1,500,000 Martin, Matt 4 $2,700,000 RFA YEARS CAP HIT Baertschi, Sven 3 $2,200,000 Etem, Emerson 2 $1,200,000 Pedan, Andrey 2 $1,500,000 Vey, Linden 2 $1,000,000 Trades VAN 2016 2nd round pick 2016 4th round pick CAR Dorsett, D. Sbisa, L. VAN 2016 2nd round pick 2016 3rd round pick NJD Burrows, A. Hansen, J. VAN 2016 6th round pick CGY Higgins, C ($750,000 retained). VAN 2016 4th round pick BUF Vey, L. Sedin, Daniel-----------Sedin, Henrik------------Eriksson, Loui Lucic, Milan-------------Horvat, Bo----------------Virtanen, Jake Baertschi, Sven--------Sutter, Brandon-------Rodin, Anton Martin, Matt------------Granlund, Markus------Etem, Emerson Gaunce, Brendan Edler, Alexander-------Tanev, Christopher Hutton, Ben-------------Gudbranson, Erik Tryamkin, Nikita------Subban, Jordan Ehrhoff, Christian Pedan, Andrey Miller Markstrom Roster Size Salary Cap Cap Hit Other Bonuses Cap Space 23 $71,400,000 $68,917,917 $315,000 $2,045,000 $2,482,083
  5. Standings: 1. Anaheim 2. LA 3. Calgary 4. San Jose 5. Vancouver 6. Edmonton 7. Arizona Points: 90 Record: 42-34-6 Top scorers: Henrik Sedin, 73 points, Daniel 71, Vrbata with 54. Playoffs: No playoffs Draft: 6th overall. Vrbata, Higgins Sbisa traded
  6. u serious. salary retention
  7. hamuis trade ok minny trade maybe pens trade maybe San jose -has no real reason to make this trade, and i dont think they want to give up all those draft pics there team is getting pretty old winnipeg -Miller is not going waiving to go there Devils- are not going to give you Larsson for sbisa. not a chance
  8. thanks for letting me know , made the minor changes
  9. why??? because benning wants to get younger and build thru the draft. these trades accomplish both ew ??? im guessing you dont really know to much about other teams prospects
  10. VAN Wotherspoon, T 2016 2nd round pick CGY Shinkaruk, H. Prust, B. -------------------------Canucks get great Local D prospect and much needed pick. Flames get fan favorite with Prust and protection and a local product in Shinkaruk VAN Erne, A 2016 3rd round pick (if vrbata resigns, if not 5th round) TBL Vrbata, R. ------------------------------------------Canucks get power forward prospect. Tampa gets a player to help them reach the cup and can afford to give up young forwards to do so VAN 2016 4th round pick DAL Weber, Y. ------------------------------------------canucks need pick. Dallas needs Depth on D VAN Diaby, J 2016 1st round pick(if Hamuis resigns otherwise 2016 2nd round pick) NSH Jensen, N. Hamhuis, D. ------------------------------------------Nahville will be going on another playoff run. Hamuis will be welcomed back. nash can afford to give up a young Dman. Canucks get pick and good D prospect Sedin, Daniel------Sedin, Henrik--------Burrows, Alexandre Higgins, Chris------Horvat, Bo-----------Virtanen, Jake Kenins, Ronalds---Bonino, Nick-------Dorsett, Derek Hansen, Jannik----Vey, Linden-------Grenier, Alexandre Erne, Adam Edler, Alexander Tanev, Christopher Sbisa, Luca Bartkowski, Matt Corrado, Frank Clendening, Adam Wotherspoon, Tyler Diaby, Jonathan-Ismael Miller Markstrom Cap Hit $58,953,751 Cap Space $12,446,249 own-----------1st round preds---------2016 1st round pick (if Hamuis resigns otherwise 2016 2nd round pick) ducks--------2nd round (bieska trade) flames-------- 2016 2nd round pick lightning--------2016 3rd round pick (if vrbata resigns, if not 5th round ) own ----------4th round stars---------2016 4th round pick own--------------6th round own --------------7th round carolina----------7th round (lack trade) edited thanks jaku
  11. martin rucinsky