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  1. Ad Astra This movie has popped up on Crave. I was disappointed. Admittedly the shots of outer space are good. But the plot line was kind of silly. Energy bursts from a long ago expedition threaten Earth? Pitt is able to sneak onto a rocket ship preparing to blast off to Neptune? And why was the Donald Sutherland character even brought into the story? It seemed as though the movie was trying hard to make a philosophic point of some sort but I missed it. I'm open to explanations. But for now: meh.
  2. It's definitely a weird move. From a financial point of view, given that Pannes was signed to a four year contract, the Caps will have to pay a substantial buy-out. You gotta figure there's something going on here we're not being told about. Article about this from the Province: https://theprovince.com/sports/soccer/mls/vancouver-whitecaps/the-whitecaps-tale-of-whoa-continues-with-dismissal-of-ceo-mark-pannes
  3. I see the group draw has been made for the "MLS is Back Tournament" set to begin on July 8. I think this could be semi-interesting. Details of the tournament format can be found here: https://www.mlssoccer.com/mls-is-back-tournament/tournament-structure?%243p=e_et&%24original_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mlssoccer.com%2Fmls-is-back-tournament%2Ftournament-structure&utm_source=TWIM&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=TwimStory1&utm_campaign=MLSTWIM20200611_Condensed&_branch_match_id=301427422275695578
  4. Another nice article about Alphonso Davies from Sports Illustrated: "Presumably there will come a time when Alphonso Davies’s pace ceases to feel spectacular, but we’re not there yet. It’s impossible to see him, even in the company of other quick, elite-level sportsmen, and not be struck by just how fast he is." https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/05/29/alphonso-davies-bayern-munich-left-back-speed-rise-analysis?suid=5cc1babffc942d7988391785&utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SI Extra 052920&utm_term=SI Extra - USE THIS - List
  5. Gotta say, all sports suffer from no fans in attendance. But especially soccer. Really miss the chanting and the flag waving.
  6. According to my on-screen guide there should be a replay on SN1 at 6pm.
  7. Good game tomorrow (Tuesday) 9:30 am on Sportsnet - Dortmund and Bayern, battle for first place. Bayern has a four point lead on Dortmund with seven games left in the season.
  8. This may have already been mentioned in this thread but if you're interested in satellite sightings a good site is "See a Satellite Tonight" : https://james.darpinian.com/satellites/ You can zoom in on your exact location and see where and when various satellites will be flying over head in the night sky. Not something that I want to do too often but it's kind of cool seeing the International Space Station passing by.
  9. And speaking of artsy movies available at kanopy - I watched "Last Year at Marienbad". From the website: "This French New-Wave classic features stunning imagery, while deliberately avoiding conventional plot and character development. In a vast and opulent hotel, an unnamed man attempts to persuade a similarly unnamed married woman that they have not only met before, but that they were also romantically involved and had planned to elope together." Kind of bizarre but very interesting if you like this sort ot thing. And I do. I was competely lost for the first fifteen minutes or so and then partially lost for the remainder of the movie. The kind of movie I can see myself watching again to see what I can make of it.
  10. A heads up to those who might be interested: if you have a Vancouver Public Library card (or a library card for many other large cities) you can get free access to a movie streaming service called kanopy. They have an interesting collection - artsy movies like "8 1/2", "Breathless", "Jules and Jim", popular movies like "Chinatown", horror movies etc. Details at: https://www.kanopy.com/
  11. I missed Orphan Black in its original run so I'm late to the show by a few years. I just finished up the series. Really good, I thought. And Tatiany Maslany is a terrific actress - playing a bunch of different clones with completely different personalities - it was easy to forget there was one person doing them all.
  12. State of Happiness Caught the first episode of this Norwegian 8-part drama mini-series which is starting on Knowledge Network. It's based on true events about the discovery of oil off Norway in the late sixties and the changes that result, zooming in on four main characters. If the first episode is any indication, this could be a good series.
  13. Good for Alphonso! Alphonso Davies Signs Bayern Munich Extension Through 2025 Nobody knows what the immediate future looks like for Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga and soccer all over the globe, but the German power took a step toward fortifying its future on Monday. Bayern signed Canadian star Alphonso Davies to a contract extension through 2025, ensuring the breakout talent remains in Munich for the long haul. His original contract was set to run through 2023. Davies, 19, had been a revelation for Bayern as a fullback despite making his name as an attacking star when coming up through the Vancouver Whitecaps system. His speed and dynamism have been evident–a glance at the highlight reel for Bayern's Champions League last-16 first leg vs. Chelsea reveals a clinic in that regard–and he's begun to realize the immense potential he possessed when Bayern signed him from the Whitecaps in 2018 for a $13.5 million fee that could rise as high as $22 million. https://www.si.com/soccer/2020/04/20/alphonso-davies-bayern-munich-contract-2025?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SI Extra 4/20/20&utm_term=SI Extra - USE THIS - List
  14. The Seventh Seal This Ingmar Bergman gem popped up on TCM the other day. It's the one that contains the classic "Bergman" scene of a knight playing chess with Death. A rather timely movie, too, given that the knight and his troupe are travelling through a plague-ravaged country.