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  1. Analytics definitely has a place in the game but there are many characteristics of a player that don't show up on a stat sheet. Would I want Sbisa on my fantasy team? Hell no. Do players in the league like going into a corner with Sbisa? No they do not. And that's coming from Derek Dorsett. Edmonton didn't give Lucic 42 mil because he puts points on the board. Sure it helps that he can score 50 points by the real reason he was brought in was for the stuff you don't see on the score sheet.
  2. Honka will be a beast for you when he gets there. Taking over a team that has been gutted can be tough. Be patient and build through the farm
  3. To quote Larry David, "Thats a pretty pretty pretty deep stable of defenceman in Detroit" Seabrook. Matta Bouwmeester Hanifin Provorov. Pouliot Nurse. Smith Borowiecki Ferrence Wow future is bright!
  4. Happy Birthday TM!
  5. That is what many years of research and dedication looks like. Not easy to do when you are an agent as well. As much as they wouldn't like to admit it, I'm sure agents in some rare cases do not pursue certain free agents they normally would to avoid conflicts and to make situations easier.
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins Updated Roster Stamkos. Johnson. Forsberg Hall. Trocheck. Marleau. Killorn. Lazar. Jurco Ritchie. Weal. Wilson ______. ______. Subban. ________ Parayko. Kronwall Beaulieu. Schmidt Corrado Talbot Hutton Goldobin. Shinkaruk. Rattie Hinostroza. Anas. _______ Bertuzzi. Coleman. Baun Watson. Cassels. _______ Marcotte Ouellet. _______ Kichton. Prow _______ ______ _______ ______ Stolarz Johansson Williams
  7. Wow! Totally forgot Rodin would be available in our league. Great signing. Can't wait to see how he works out for the nucks IRL
  8. I understand what you are saying. What I am saying is that if there is a question about procedures they should be brought up via pm.
  9. If you have a problem with this it should probably be brought up via PM to the executive rather than in the thread.
  10. Release: The Pittsburgh Penguins terminate the contract of Bud Holloway. He has signed with CSKA Moscow of the KHL. We wish Bud all the Best! Stamkos. Johnson. Forsberg Hall. Trocheck. Marleau Killorn. Lazar. Jurco Ritchie. _______ _______ Weal Wilson Subban. ________ Parayko. Kronwall Beaulieu. Schmidt Corrado Talbot ______ Goldobin. Shinkaruk. Rattie. Hinostroza. _______ ______ Bertuzzi. Coleman Baun Watson. Cassels Ouellet. _______ Kichton _______ ______ _______ ______ _______ Stolarz Johansson Williams
  11. Waivers: The Pittsburgh Penguins place Louick Marcotte on waivers
  12. Is it just me or is anyone else checking the thread like its a TSN ticker? Lol
  13. Something I noticed today, when a player with a NMC/NTC in the NHL is moved either before the extension kicks in or after he has waived a NMC/NTC, the NMC/NTC does not move with him. Something our league should look at?
  14. You guys think you were surprised? That would be a huge understatement for me...
  15. Report: The Pittsburgh Penguins are looking to make deals to acquire blue chip defenceman prospects