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  1. How can you possibly says it's creepy for a fan( aka "fanatic") to want to meet the players of his favorite professionals sports team??? Every single game there is 50-100 people waiting by the gate to try to meet players or get an autograph. I have absolutely no problem with people wanting to meet the players after the game in that envirorment. What's creepy is, I remember a couple years ago the media reported that Roberto luongo would jog the sea wall at Stanley park on game days, and somebody posted a thread asking the best way to go to the sea wall and find Roberto and meet him, now that is creepy and phyctoic. I used to work downtown right next to Rogers arena and by pure accident i discovered the easiest and least awkward ways to meet players/get autographs from the canucks and opposing teams players. You need to go to Rogers arena around 12 on game days when the teams have there game day skate and meetings and go to the parking lot and gate. The visiting teams bus sits there and all the visiting team players come out the gate. I have met tons of players and had full on convos with opposing team players- most notable Jordan tootoo. Also the players are more likely to stop and talk at that time because it's not as intense as an hour before game or after the game. I've gone to the gate after games(wins and losses) and the only person that ever stopped was Cory Schneider. If you can carry yourself as adult fan and not come off as creepy the players are super cool. They are humans too and they understand the position they are in, they are trained and coached on how to interact with fans. I have had full on convos with mason Raymond, zack kassian, Alex burrows, Aaron Rome, max lappiere, Chris Higgins and a few others. The sedins are nice guys when in the spotlight but never seen them make an effort to talk to fans. Luongo and kesler were the worst, only seen kesler sign 1 autograph and seen loungo blow red lights on expo blvd to get away from the crowds. I'm hungover and typing this on my phone so I apoligze if it's all over the place. But I hope that you and your nephew get a chance to meet some of the boys. Good luck.
  2. horvat taking the faceoff against getzlaf...more signs of confidene in the kid from the coaching staff.
  3. looks like the time off is helping out Miller.
  4. Zack should play on the 2nd line but he's to much of a liability and way to lazzzzzzy. Sucks because he defiantly has the skill, size and tools to dominate and we had glimpses of what he could do when he was playing on the sedin line at the start of the 2012 season. Only thing he has going for him at the moment is that he's still relatively young and he hasn't really had a chance to get going this season because suspensions and injuries. It seems to me where he really struggles is his understanding of the game. he's brutal in his own end and his hockey IQ is lacking. little things like going to the right places, and making the smart play is where he needs the most improvement. Also backhand forehand backhand on EVERY breakaway or shootout won't cut it in the NHL. Every goalie and backup has his number. all that being said Zack is one of my favorite players and after he knocked out Ben Eager a few years back I had my jersey switched to Kassian. deifnetly another diamond in the rough.