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  1. Keep going Benning! 

  2. Damn Lowry out till the playoffs. We should sign Jennings.
  3. Hmmm wonder what Canucks wanted for Miller.
  4. I honestly don't think Hansen will be traded this year. Next year he will be IMO. Draft or Trade deadline.



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    2. Toews


      I agree. Imo he will be worth more after the expansion draft.

    3. DoughtysCheck


      uhhh selling low and getting something back is better than getting nothing back. And he's having a great year right now. There is a huge chance he won't repeat and perform at the same rate. We need to sell him now

    4. johngould21


      I don't think that Hansen has had a very good year, all due to the injuries this season. He can't get untracked, then he gets a ding.

  5. Damn, feel bad for Subban. 3 defenceman with mumps and doesn't even get called up. Now is a good time to see what he can do in the NHL level. Give him a shot.
  6. Eaves is worth a second??? Hansen can fetch us a first rounder or a top prospect
  7. Nice Celtics doesn't trade for anyone woooo
  8. Raps acquires PJ Tucker!! Nice! Very good defender.
  9. I don't even want Celtics getting any of those players man, they're gonna be scary but I know Celtics are going for it. They're gonna make a splash. I also think the Raps aren't done yet we may just get a bench type player or another big trade involving JV.
  10. Apparently Raps offered JV for Drummond before the Ibaka deal. Hmmmmm.
  11. I think it's either Butler or Griffin. Damn if they get one of em.
  12. Damn what a steal for NOLA!
  13. Decent trade. I reckon Raps aren't done yet. I say they go out and trade for a #2 or a #3 off the bench with the loss of Ross.
  14. Let me win the lottery and you'll never hear from me again.