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  1. No way we pass on Turcotte, Zegras or Newhook. If we do take a defenceman I would hope it's Soderstrom.
  2. Jack Hughes will fall to 10. Bet.
  3. Low expectation this year, as long as we keep 9th I’m all good. also as long as oilers don’t win.
  4. If we get one of the top three picks my list is Hughes, Kakko, Byram. If we get 9, 10, 11 or 12 I'd go Zegras, Boldy, Caufield, Soderstrom.
  5. Petey is scoring in so many different ways that he hasn’t even brought out his go to back-hand, fore-hand move! :lol:B):P

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Here's what's scary. What's he going to be like at 23-24 when he fills out? 

  6. I'm fine with him going back to Michigan. He can dominate, go to WJC, and hopefully sign by the end of the year and play some games for us. Hopefully the hockey gods watches over us and gives us that 1 OA.
  7. Is this still a Quinn Hughes thread or???
  8. Wow pleasantly surprised that Quinn Hughes is just barely off the top 50 list. I know it's for fantasy but still.
  9. Was hoping to see him in action today. Hope we can still see him on the ice this week.
  10. I feel it's best if Quinn goes back to Michigan, play in the World Juniors here in Vancouver then if they don't make it far in NCAA he should sign here and play the games left in the season. However it seems to me that Quinn really wants to turn pro right away and if he shows he can play then I don't see why we couldn't make room for him? The willingness to play in the AHL is a plus also. Start in the AHL and get called up if needed.