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  1. It's going to be an honour watching the Sedin's numbers go up in the rafters.
  2. Get a goal or two here and we have a game in the third
  3. Why are we so bad against the Jets??? This is annoying
  4. Probably gonna say “we played well enough to win, give credit to the other team..” blah blah blah
  5. Anybody gonna put in a little effort??? Sheesh this is horrible to watch.
  6. A team on a losing streak with the worst save percentage in the NHL and we have 0 goals... nice.
  7. Their goalie made big saves, ours didn't. One of our best games I thought.
  8. Dear God I hope we don't get rolled against the Avs. I feel like a big loss is coming though.:picard:

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    2. NUCKER67


      We'll get to see where this team is really at. Avs are on the road, so we've got the advantage, right? ;)


    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      i think we’ll be lucky to win 2 of the next 7 games. this is going to be a tough stretch of games. i wish the team well. i hope we can get some injured bodies back. just being realistic here. 

    4. Type R

      Type R

      I don't know guys, this team did a great job last year getting up to play against a the healthy avs team and we have improved since then, and they are short a few bodies.  Have some faith :towel: