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  1. LOL people really don't like this pick because of his weight . He will prove you all wrong.
  2. Would love one of Hague, Anderson-Dolan, Timmins, Lind, Comtois for 33rd pick.
  3. Please Tolvanen fall to 33
  4. Pettersson easily has one of, if not the best ceiling in this draft.
  5. Wouldn't mind taking him 55th, though he'll probably be gone.
  6. Damn Liljegren is gonna have fun distributing the puck to Matthews, Nylander and Marner ffs
  7. Holy Vilardi what happened??
  8. Hopefully we can get another first rounder .
  9. Don't mind the pick. Just wished we could've traded down.
  10. Damn glass and Vilardi are still available.
  11. One of Makar, Glass, Pettersson, Vilardi or bust!!
  12. I swear the clock was at 1:00pm 30 minutes later it's only 1:01. Draft can't come soon enough!!
  13. Benning takes Tippet, Liljegren or Rasmussen lol
  14. I have a feeling a defenceman is gonna go top 2. Just a gut feeling.
  15. We could have one of Makar, Glass, Pettersson or Vilardi!! If we don't get one of them I will be so disappointed.