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  1. That's a good goal. Ceci bumps him to the goalie.
  2. He will lead us to greatness.
  3. Tickets are expensive(not as high as before), food and beer are more expensive. Literally a box of Pizza Hut with 4 slices are like 15 bucks... never buying anything there again.
  4. Really impressed with Jake's forechecking
  5. Virtanen is GOAT
  6. His brother is gonna take that place when he makes the NHL
  7. This has probably been posted by someone but it's annoying when people are talking so loud in the bus. I don't mind if you have conversation but just take it down a notch, if I can still hear you while I'm listening to my music almost full volume. GET OUT!!!
  8. I want him in the NHL but I don't think playing in the 4th line will help him develop his game faster. Playing more minutes a game in Utica and rounding his game up would be ideal but if he was to start in the NHL, I'll still support it.
  9. Boeser should be a lock in the top 6 IMO. We lack goal scoring and he fills that need. No way guys like Megna or Chaput take a spot in the roster.
  10. Boeser and Virtanen are the best players in the preseason so far. I like it. Cmon Juolevi!!
  11. Was it Demers for Gudbranson straight up? If so, I'm glad it didn't go through
  12. Had a good game and his thread is dead... y'all know when he has a bad game there would be 50+ pages more