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  1. Excited to get to go to take in my first ever home opener. Always awesome to get to see the flames get put out by the green and blue. I say Nucks 4-2. Sedin x2, Eriksson, Granlund.
  2. Uhhhh not like the Canucks should have much more motivation themselves. the oilers just ran them over a few nights ago.. no reason to think they can't do it again, and Van has been a joke at home all year.
  3. I didn't get to watch this game, so to hear zero sog after three pp vs the coilers? just wow
  4. Alright Tank was sputtering there for a bit, but looks like its picking up speed now...
  5. One win wouldn't be anything to get too nervous about.
  6. You choose now to make this thread? i wouldn't be surprised one bit if we were to learn that most of the players are already thinking more about next season and what they're gonna get up to over summer break than they are about next game.
  7. Oh cmon dude..these two will retire Canucks and honestly they have earned their keep. They must be frustrated this year more than most and its tough to blame then when they really have never received the true supporting cast and are now expected to pull the weight of all the rest of our dead weight. though I do agree, they could afford to leave their frustrated talk out of the media spotlight.
  8. Definitely agree on the hit by Virt. No way is that a game misconduct when it should be a simple interference penalty. the refs are never far from showing how utterly incapable they are at being just.
  9. He's been reading all the PGTs and is just giving the fans what they want!! joking aside its gotta suck bad to be in that dressing room when you feel like you just can't catcha break and losing becomes so common that you start to live in complacency.. hope that these guys are just looking forward to the potential of a redemption season and aren't letting themselves get too down about this season
  10. Who does Benning have in our organization that he could trade to get a second pick in the first round? id love to hear your suggestions since you actually think its plausible
  11. Shot doesn't have to be hard, just needs to get to the net.
  12. I really hope that Higgins is NOT given a shot. he even admitted publically that his heart is not in it as much as in years past. we need to be rid of these types of players to make room for younger guys who have passion and drive to improsve their games and play Canucks Hockey Higgins, Burrows, Vrbata, Hamhuis..these guys need to go afaic if they are no longer willing to put the team before themselves.. I'm frankly tired of the countryclub atmosphere and lack of accountability from our playerd as well as lack of competition. You don't wanna play a full 60 minutes every night, great, you will be replaced with players that do. Honestly, I'd prefer more losses from a team that wants to play hard every night than more wins from a team made up of cushy nmc and ntc'd players.
  13. With that defense I'm gonna really go out on a limb here and predict 40+ shots against. yikes, that is just.. barf. anyway, tank it up fellas! Let's wrap this season up!
  14. At this point I'm happy if we pick top 3.. top 5, sure its good,but top 3 and I'm a happy camper. this team will not be in the running for a couple seasons, but I'm completely fine with this.. I will watch every game all season just like any other season with low expectations and knowing full well it will take time for our roster to fill out, our youth to grow into their roles, and a team to be born out of it all. ive waited this long, and will wait however long it takes. This is our club.. I ain't cheering for any other NHL team, so regardless what happens, ill be cheering for Blue and Green. for right now though, tank away boys and try not to get injured in these last games