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  1. As many others have said, it's still too early to tell what the lineup's going to look like and how certain players will perform, but it sure is fun to speculate given how much our roster has changed. I've got a couple of potentially controversial opinions: 1. I don't think Loui should play with the Twins at even strength. I'm sure these 3 would make a fantastic line, but it makes us too top-heavy. The Sedins have proven that they can put up 50-70 points each with pretty much anyone riding shotgun. Hansen was a great fit last year. In a pinch, Burrows and Sutter can play here too. The best case scenario though would be that Jake takes a big step forward and shows he can play in this spot. He's got a lot of the tools: He's fast enough to get in on the forecheck, force turnovers, and recover loose pucks. He adds a physical presence to the line. He's willing to go to the dirty areas, and he has a great shot. He's probably not ready yet, but we can hope can't we? That's the great thing about the off-season 2. I think Horvat should center our second line, not Sutter. Bo put up 40 points last year, and I think he's poised to hit 20 goals and 50 points next season, especially if he plays easier minutes now that Sutter's healthy. He has chemistry with Baertschi, who's also a legitimate 20-goal candidate after hitting 15 last season despite missing 13 games. Pair those two with Eriksson, and there's a legitimate chance that they combine for 60 goals. We haven't a "2nd" line that good in a long time. They've got speed, a great playmaker, all of them can shoot, and they'd be good defensively. Decent size as well. Meanwhile, Sutter can be the go-to shutdown centre. A couple people have mentioned that he'd look good with Burr and Hansen - I like that idea. With that in mind, here's my ideal lineup: Sedin - Sedin - Virtanen Baertschi - Horvat - Eriksson Burrows - Sutter - Hansen Etem - Granlund - Dorsett (Extra: Rodin) Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Tryamkin - Larsen (Extra: Sbisa) Miller Markstrom IMO, that's a MUCH better team than we had last year. It will be even better the year after, when we can (hopefully) add Boeser, Demko, and Juolevi to that group.
  2. Best thread of the year so far. I'm sick of all the negativity around our team the last few years: the scapegoating, the whining, and the lack of support. I see the fans around me acting like spoiled kids. The NHL has 30 teams. Our Canucks can't be an elite team every year. Just enjoy the game and recognize the team for what it is: a transitional group. Here's some perspective: we're watching the 2 greatest players that the Canucks have ever had, and they're playing elite hockey at the age of 35 - outscoring players like Ovechkin, Stamkos, and Crosby. Hank & Dan play a style of game that we might never see again in the NHL. Appreciate it while you still have it. At the same time, we're watching the next wave of Canucks break into the league and grow as players. When was the last time we had young guys to be excited about? We've got several this year. Seeing Virtanen start the TB game with the twins was epic, and watching him excel in his first game back from Helsinki was great. And what about Bo Horvat? We're watching the next great captain of our team become a leader at the age of 20. The way the Pacific division is shaping up this year, we're in a win-win situation as fans. Either we're going to see playoff hockey in Vancouver this spring - likely against a beatable opponent, OR we're going to at least see meaningful hockey games until March or so, then get a top-5 draft pick. Most teams that are "rebuilding" don't have that luxury. They just play 82 painful, mean-nothing games a year, for 3 or more years. Look at the Toronto Maple Leafs.They're already 7 points out of a playoff spot. When was the last time their fans got to watch a game that actually mattered? We're lucky. Perspective.
  3. We already have 6 players 22 or younger on the roster (Baer, Virt, McCan, Bo, Hutton, and now Shink) Could we really handle any more rookies without becoming the Oilers 2.0? Isn't this what people always wanted anyway, save for the fact that Management hasn't straight up called it a tear-down?
  4. Why do people keep saying stuff like this? We all want to see the kids play and do well, but is subtracting Hamhuis, Higgins, or Vrbata actually going to make this team win? Do you really believe that? And don't give me the "high draft pick" argument. We're already losing enough to get that.
  5. What's with all the Miller hate? Are we that uneducated as a fanbase? We gave up 40 shots tonight on "10" turnovers. Miller didn't give up any softies and made some heroic saves on odd-man rushes, the PK, and - in case you forgot already - a penalty shot.
  6. Edler played 9 minutes in the 1st. yikes...
  7. Our defense sucks, so let's trade one of our better defensemen. Seems legit.
  8. I am pretty happy about the changes they've made to the format. The question of completely randomizing is more of a philosophical one at this point. You're definitely right that it's hard to build a great support team (coaches, scouts, training staff etc). But that's what makes it interesting!
  9. I see your point, but it's not like that would happen often. Chicago would have a 1/30 chance to get the top pick - just like everybody else. And when it does eventually happen that a cup contender lands a generational talent...is it such a bad thing for good teams to occasionally stay good? It's different from the pre-cap days when rich teams had free agent superstars. With random draft order, you couldn't systematically get high draft picks the way you could systematically throw money at stars back in the old days. So in the long-run we'd still have the parity that the NHL brass craves so much. I just don't think lousy teams should be coddled. If you're an NHL GM and your team sucks, improve your scouting. Improve your development program. Hire better coaches, nutritionists, and sports scientists. Don't rely on the NHL to rig the game in your favour...
  10. Drives me nuts when people complain that Hansen creates grade A chances but doesn't finish, thus shouldn't get time with the skilled players. In the long run, more chances = more goals. Shooting percentages mostly even out in the end. Same things get said about Higgins, Burrows...
  11. They have made a lot of progress with the lottery changes, but if the draft order were totally randomized, you'd have a completely level playing field. In the long-run, the only way to gain a competitive advantage would be good scouting and development programs. Isn't that what we'd all prefer? Sure, once in a while a cup contender would luck out and get a top-5 pick, but isn't that better than watching teams lose on purpose? Pre-salary cap I thought the draft system made some sense because the rich teams had such a massive advantage in the free agency market. The draft was a way for poor teams to get good players too. That's not really as big a problem anymore.
  12. People need to just stop with the vets vs. youth narrative. If our team is going anywhere, every player need to be better - period.
  13. Every time I hear someone suggest that we tank, I feel a little bit sick. That's not what hockey's about. It's not a winner's mentality. Plus it's not even a very good strategy. Half the teams that (allegedly) try it end up sucking for 10 years or more. I can't even think about the Oilers, for example, without getting angry. I remember when they had players like Doug Weight and Ryan Smyth. That team brought it every night. They played with pride. The current incarnation of the Oilers is an embarrassment. I hope karma gets them and their young players are all either busts or they leave the team for greener pastures. And shame on the NHL for giving teams an incentive to lose games. The draft order should be randomized.
  14. Also, does anyone else think that Baertschi - McCann - Vrbata should be a thing? Obviously not going to get a lot of D-zone starts, but I bet they could score some goals. Here's what I'd do if I were the coach (and luckily I'm not!)... Sedin - Sedin - Burrows (we know they work together) Baertschi - McCann - Vrbata (OFFENSE) Higgins - Sutter - Virtanen (decent speed, good 2-way game + JV's size & physicality) Dorsett - Horvat -Hansen (we know they work together) Spare: Prust, Cracknell
  15. Stop talking so much truth, Sid. You're killing the mood around here. Hansen sucks! Higgins sucks! Burrows - do we even need him!?