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  1. Been here much longer than Jan2013. Usually just a spectator though.
  2. 1. Does anyone know what the rule is with regards to sending a player on a NTC down to Utica and how that would effect their ability to be picked up off of waivers? Is this even possible with a player granted a NTC? 2. People have to get off this thing about how we are not young gun friendly. WD used Bo in key situations like crazy last year. His Ice time was increased, he was used on key defensive draws and even killed penalties. He has no problem putting trust in players that earn it. 3. We all know Linden Vey got out played but the reality of the situation is you have to manage your assets. They are not going to let him walk without trying to trade him first. They gave up a second for him they will try to recoup something. Furthermore, players like Corrado, Sibisasaksjklas and Bart will not make it through waivers nor do I see why they would send them down to Utica. Hutton needs to stay... I agree with everyone but they will need time to make room to allow that to occur so we don't lose players for nothing. So don't have an aneurysm when they don't make the team, they will all eventually be here. 4. Saw this on a website somewhere but can't recall who it was that said it and I haven't seen it pop up here but what about that Bar-Hor-Virt line last night? .... Clever if I say so myself. Shout out to who ever came up with that. Peace