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    Just learned about how awesome hockey was during the 2012 playoffs. But now that I understood it, they had to go do a dumb thing and go on strike. Well, it at least gave me time to sort things out and choose a team. I could have done things the easy way and go with the Rangers, but that's no fun. I don't hate them. I just don't care too much for them. I figure I would stick close with the colors and region that resembles my NFL team the closest. Although I have never been to Seattle or the Great Northwest, I still find it soothing to watch those team colors when I get a chance.
  1. Brand spankin' new Canucks fan (hockey for that matter) looking for a sensei to learn from.

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    2. brass canuckles

      brass canuckles

      Ya don't have to tell me about bandwagoneers. :)

      I am also new to the game, so it was pretty much in the middle of last year's playoffs that I really watched the game with complete understanding. The only names I am somewhat familiar with are the Sedin brothers. Other than that, my knowledge and history of hockey is pretty poor. Gretzky is pretty much the only name I know. So for now I am a newbie fan.

      And I can understand some of you not wanting new fans. I gotta mak...

    3. Scottish⑦Canuck


      It's not about us not wanting new fans haha... it's just that this place isn't always known for sensible opinions. Anyway, welcome to the forum.

    4. brass canuckles

      brass canuckles

      Thanks guys. Now baptise me by fire....