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  1. I said nothing about twins or Erickson being traded.and it is not the lack of youth I am frustrated with but the lack of Veterans playing to their potential except for Miller. If the veterans are playing to their potential then they need to be traded now before their potential is AHL caliber and they are not even worth a 5 rounder. My point is to all those pointing at out College and Junior picks, how long do you think they are nhl ready to make this team a true winner. 3 years? Here is the deal, Finding potential from other teams is a scouting deal and not a GM deal. I am a big Travis Green and Willie fan and I believe they can get more out of the youth movement from trades than they can from Veterans. What most of you forget is that there are certain players that can fit into a designed system and then there are real good players that are lost in a certain system(Erickson). The old days of the defense man being big and slow is over (Edler). Some fast good players are weak on their sticks(sutter and others) and many in the AHL are not and are overlooked because they do not fit into certain systems. This is Scouting and knowing exactly what you are looking for in players. Watch in the next game how many Canucks lose the puck off their stick or has it taken away by a less skilled player who is strong on their stick IF nothing is doen, the Canucks will not make the playoffs and they lost a great opportunity to improve the future of this team and with that in mind We ither need a new GM who can bring in a better scouting staff. The Canucks are a team fro top to bottom, not just the players on the ice and they all need to be in tune with the system and the type of players that make a team winners.
  2. We got Burrows, hansen (then resign him next year), Edler, and Miller. We are a team of children and we are toast for a coupe of years at least. If we are going to get younger and faster then let us make the whole team at the same time younger and faster.. This is time for the scouting staff to prove their worth. . We need to d men with cannons from the point that can move people out of the net area. We need muscle. Both in front of the net and on the boards which is our 2 weakest points on this team and if Jake V would grow up and finally become a man in mind and size and if not time to move on with a swap of some one like above that another team has given up on. The twins are so predictable that teams can defend them so get some one in the middle that can change their game. Some one strong on their stick that can muscle in passes by the twins. This fringe playing ain't cuttin' it. These players can garner players of use. We have a problem with the twins and thats a fact. Erickson can go with expansion if no one wants him GO BURNABY MINOR
  3. [PGT] Flyers @ Canucks

    Men against boys. Even if they make the playoff they are out in four or five which is what 2 hime games. OOOh wow.1 Its time to get what you can. No 2017 draft picks, they suck but 2018 is where it is at. We are 3 years away from boys being real men. May as well bring in more young talent now and let them gel as a team Like they did when Burrow and boys were boys and they became winning men It is time and with Expansion meaning we have to give up players too, time to get something for them too. Its time
  4. Guardian, you said it yourself, "asking the same question and expecting a different answer is a definition of insanity" Well sire, you must be insane then. And please stop bashing Benning, You will never be happy even if the Canucks win the cup. Stop being so negative to a team you are supposed to love. You won't get a better return for the twins, no GM is stupid enough to take that salary and give up top prospects and draft choices to. It is a lose lose situation. Actually it is a lose lose lose situation. You are the other loser.
  5. We need a top 5 pick which should help this team. Get rid of under performing veterans and get what we can for them now. Start from scratch. get 2 or 3 years of top picks and do what Edmonton did. Middle first round picks will not make it without some luck and most of all get some better scouts. The most important thing is to get rid of The Province and the Sun reporters always trying to be crap disturbers and bad GM's. It all started with the Papers creating a goalie controversy with Luongo and letting the GM's do their job without the pressure of those stupid reporters. I repeat. Start from scratch. Keep Hutton and let the rookies make the mistakes in Utica not the NHL and if our NHL talent is so bad that we have to use an under 21 team, then something drastic needs to be done. Word of advice to the next GM, do not listen to us fans, especially the ones who never played hockey
  6. Dear Mr. Jim Benning You don't trade Horvat. He has more value. He is a shut down performer with faceoff skills(good ones are hard to find) and a young leader. Clearing veterans for the sake of salary caps is not a bad thing. There will be better bargains at the end of the season. Hamuis can go and Miller for too that matter. Verbrata is one of the worst defensive forwards and leaves defense men out to dry all the time and is not a good resignee option. The time has come to use your Brains and not your heart. The Comets will go deep into the AHL playoffs again and will provide invaluable for players on the cusp as it did last year with Markstrom, and Baertchi.
  7. This the year for a wholesale trade of this team. This draft is so strong, especially from Europe and USA.. Assets like Higgins, Verbrata, Dorsett, Erhoff, and even Miller along with other veterans that take up ice space can go and it won't take much away from the Canucks. Gathering talent now and making the Canucks a Younger team with speed will prove to be a wise choice. Travis Green is a great coach for teaching younger players how to be steady productive NHLer's .Utica is a strong AHL team and fights for points every night.. It will not hurt this team to grab a top 8 pick by missing the playoffs. We are only going to get 2 home games if we do make the playoffs because this team cannot score. 2 or three first rounders this year would not hurt this teams future at all. Weber and Erhoff are good for a goal or 2 a game against especially if Verbrata is on the ice with them.on a fairly regular basis.