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  1. PK Subban: "Jordan’s skill level is much higher than mine"

    Every 18 year old drafted is a "Project" Trying to project a top 6 defenceman at that age is like projecting the weather 1 year from today. He could be, he might be, he maybe is, are all just guesses with some knowledge behind those guesses. A lot of things can happen before he even gets a chance to put on a Canucks jersey as a roster player let alone a top 6. He could get traded, he could get injured, he could go to college or he may never get better and all of these scenarios have about the same liklyhood as you giving the family another norris winner, maybe we just just cross our fingers, let the coaches and him learn to play the game the right way and try not to put all this "projection" pressure on an 18 year old kid. Remember when you were 18? Just think how you would have reacted if everyone was calling you a superstar before you had the skills to be one. You are telling him to grow taller, haha, get bigger, get faster, play smarter, win all the awards, lead all his teams to championships and many of these are not possible. Please stop putting all this pressure on 18 year olds. They are really just kids still.
  2. Crawford as an assistant is a great idea. He can run the practices and shut up with that squeaky voice on the bench during games. A head coach is like a Jockey. If the horse does not have the legs, the coach can't make it run faster. Teams must have the thoroughbreds to win in todays game and the Canucks are two legs short of being a thoroughbred.