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  1. Highly touted prospect with a lot of early injuries that stalled his development and is only just starting to show why he was drafted so high? Unfortunately that's probably true. Juolevi seemed like he was adjusting to the North American pro game quite well and was showing a lot of progress I was excited about. But losing almost an entire year of development will almost definitely set him back some. Hopefully he doesn't stall too long as I don't think this market will be very patient with him.
  2. Diamonds

    Sam Gagner | C/W

    Interesting article, he sounded appreciative of the Leafs organization for taking him in but didn't acknowledge that the Canucks worked to make that situation happen. It also sounded like he's trying to impress the Leafs organization so that they trade for him.
  3. I think I remember hearing a few years ago that if you play Junior in Canada the CHL gives you a scholarship to go to a Canadian university when you finish your junior career. So while it might not be quite the same as going the NCAA route, there is still opportunity.