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  1. Naslund's accomplishments at the time of his retirement: -1st in Canucks All-Time Goals -1st in Canucks All-Time Points -3rd in Canucks All-Time Assists (5 assists away from 1st) -Longest Serving Captain in Canucks History -Only player in Canucks history to be awarded an MVP trophy (Ted Lindsey) -3 consecutive NHL First All-Star Team nods as the top left wing in the game (still the only Canuck with 3) He also had a great reputation for his non-flashy work in the community. The Sedins have numerous times singled him out as one of of the people who taught them what giving back to and being a leader in the community means (obviously they've also mentioned Linden numeroustimes as well). If those accomplishments don't get your number retired then I honestly don't think any Canucks numbers should be retired (maybe barring the Sedins). If people are upset he didn't finish his career here, well it wasn't his fault. He wanted to re-sign with the Canucks but management (brand new Mike Gillis) wouldn't even sit with him to discuss an extension so he had to look elsewhere.
  2. Voted Mogilny Nominating Jovocop
  3. Off the top of my head, possibly Washington (if they re-sign Holtby this season), Pittsburgh (if Jarry continues playing well and Murray is re-signed), Dallas (if Khudobin is re-signed and Seattle wants some vet experience), and Phoenix.
  4. I find the reaction around Jasek playing center interesting. Didn't he suite up as a center fairly frequently in the Czech leagues? It's strange to me that there seems to be so much surprise around his being able to adjust to the position in the AHL pretty quickly. It sounds like Jasek has been making good strides in all aspects of his game so far this year which is exciting. Definitely rooting for him to be the next Hansen/Burrows type player for the Canucks.
  5. Honestly if I were Toronto I would try to trade Marner for Pietrangelo, maybe St. Louis adds a pick (2nd?) since Pietrangelo is in a contract year. I think with the way negotiations played out things have soured a bit for the Marner camp. Toronto has enough offense they can afford to lose Marner and Pietrangelo is the type of all-round defenseman they could really use. Pietrangelo may not be super young anymore but fits with Toronto's win now window. But I enjoy seeing Toronto fumble so I hope they don't do anything and that their one-dimensional method of play continues to bite them.
  6. I think his strength of character has really shone though during this time. To add to what you said, it seems the way Sven is handling this situation has also been rubbing off positively on Goldy. I'm excited for Sven to get back to the NHL where he belongs and hopefully have a healthy and productive year.
  7. I have a feeling that's an inaccurate source. It doesn't make sense that Sutter and Beagle are both sitting above 60% offensive zone starts (let alone all our other bottom 6 forwards). Maybe the oZS% and dZS% columns got swapped somehow? Sutter is off to a pretty good start though, and with Gaudette looking good to start the season as well maybe the Canucks brass will look to move him (and bring Baertschi back up). I do like the idea of Gaudette and Sutter sharing a line for a while though, one could certainly do worse than having Sutter as a mentor.
  8. I remember really wanting the Canucks to draft Ferraro back in 2009 (we took Schroeder). He's definitely a guy who never realized his potential, but I will be interested to see how he does in preseason.
  9. On paper, I'd say the Canucks look vastly improved going into this upcoming season. However, I voted for split decision and only a minor bump in points (voted for 90 but was also tempted to select 85). My concern is that there has been too much change in one off season. (If I include the trade deadline from last season and say Pearson is in the top 6) we are going to start 2019-20 with half of the top 6 and half of our defensemen replaced. It's a lot of change and I'm worried about that many new players needing to build chemistry. I would not be surprised to see the Canucks struggle out of the blocks as the players learn to mesh together, start to figure each other out around Christmas, and just barely miss the playoffs Hopefully everyone starts to gel quickly because if they do I think the Canucks have a great shot at making the playoffs.
  10. I'm a fan of moves like this. With the amount of PTOs the Comets have signed the past 2 years they clearly need more bodies under contract they feel are capable of playing at an AHL level. If they already have some guys in the system playing in the ECHL is saves some of the headache of having to scramble to find PTO worthy players if heavy injuries occur again.
  11. Nope, didn't at the time. Hopefully he proves me wrong as well!
  12. Lol, that's two years in a row that the player I didn't want is the player we draft. Hope I'm wrong about about Podkolzin, I'm ready to get in his corner!
  13. I pretty sure I'm one of them. I had only seen a few of his games his draft year but in the ones I saw it looked like he didn't know what the word "defense" was. That plus some concerns over how he would handle physicality had me shying away. Here's to hoping he proves me wrong!
  14. 1. Boldy 2. Krebs 3. Seider Do not want: Podkolzin (However, if Cozens falls to us he's my top choice)