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  1. Wash on cold and air dry. Your clothes will last a lifetime.
  2. what a terrible theme
  3. He just has to pull it together for one season and he'll get a set for life contract.
  4. Are you f'in serious?
  5. Just stop it. Sign someone who can play.
  6. Praise Benning. So Awesome! Shed another Mike Gillis contract just because. I can't wait until the 2016 free agency where nobody significant will be signed for a reasonable cap! omg this season is going to be great! Hamhuis and Edler and Tanev can all play half an hour a night! I love those guys, it'll be great!
  7. I don't know for sure but the impression I get from skimming the boards is that the majority of fans like Zack Kassian. How did he pull that off? There were expectations and he met none of them.
  8. Great teams are built from the 4th line out.

    1. BanTSN


      Said nobody ever.

  9. Yea I did notice that Stajan scored 2 more assists in this game. Regardless, I have checked and Russell did play roughly 11 minutes more a night. Give or take a minute or two. Which is just too big a difference. Also Russell got the same amount of points and another goal. But that all doesn't really matter. You don't need those basic statistics to know Russell was way more of a factor.
  10. also still ridiculous to say Stajan was the Flames mvp.
  11. crap. I think I should go hide in a hole. just looked at the box score. oh well still dumb to compare a player who played 27 a night to a player who played 15.
  12. russell played 11 minutes more a night than stajan. if you want to see a fail go look in the mirror.
  13. well I wouldn't say definitively the best for the Flames, but I would say he was up there. The main point is that he was SIGNIFICANTLY better than Matt ???? 1g 1a Stajan.
  14. uhhh... Kris Russell?
  15. yea. I'm not sure what people are freaking out about. Clearly a penalty.